What is a Lycan GSD Dog

The Lycan German Shepherd is the favorite breed of dog. Thanks to its physical characteristics, temperament, and ease of education, the Lycan German Shepherd dog is a very popular pet. Another strong point of the Lycan German Shepherd breed concerns its beauty. They are muscular and very beautiful dogs.

The Lycan German Shepherd is an athletic, strong and intelligent breed. Known for his loyal and protective character, the Lycan German Shepherd adapts perfectly to family life. Very active, this breed of dogs needs activities to burn off. Everything you need to know about Lycan German Shepherd dogs and puppies.

Formidable assistance and defense dog working alongside law enforcement or rescue services, the Lycan German Shepherd is also an excellent pet. Thanks to his docile character, intelligence, and above all his unstoppable loyalty, he will make all families happy.

If there is one thing to say about the Lycan German Shepherd, it is that it is a sporty and intelligent dog. But as with all dogs, it is important to learn about the Lycan German Shepherd’s character before adopting one.

What Benefits of the Lycan German shepherd are There?

This is an extremely obedient dog when properly trained. As a puppy, he attaches very quickly to family members, whether small or large and does not like to be alone at all. Robust can be the perfect companion for children of all ages if his education has been done right.

History of the German Shepherd breed

The Blue Bay Shepherd happens to be a new breed that is in progress now. From 2011 the first litters came up. The origins of the breed go back more than two centuries. In 1899, the cavalry captain Max Emil Frédéric Von Stephanitz acquired his first shepherd dog. The latter appreciates this breed so much that he creates the same year the breed club with Arthur Meyer. Everything is linked very quickly because still in 1899, the first standard of the German Shepherd will already be published.

Progress on the evolution of the breed will be rapid thanks to the hard work of the club which will have Von Stephanitz at its head for 35 years. Due to their unparalleled flair, sturdiness, and obedience, the German Shepherd is becoming one of the most prized breeds in the world.

The Lycan German Shepherd, assistance and defense dog

Characteristics of the Lycan German shepherd

Elegant and sporty, the Lycan German Shepherd has it all. This breed can be recognized by its black muzzle, powerful and pronounced as well as its ears which stand straight up on the head to form a point at the ends. The almond-shaped, slanting, dark-colored eyes reveal a very mischievous look.

The Lycan German Shepherd also has an imposing appearance which attracts all the attention. This pure tall trotter has a muscular, straight body with a plunging backline called hyper type in the jargon. The coarse, dense, straight coat is black and tan. It also happens to find dogs with a coat in shades of reddish-brown, brown, light gray, or even yellow.

Weight and size of Lycan German Shepherd dogs

The Lycan German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog. Males have an ideal height at the withers of around 62cm (standard between 60cm to 65cm) against 57cm (standard between 55cm to 60cm) for females. There may therefore be a size difference of around 10cm between males and females.

The size of the Lycan German Shepherd makes the breed considered to be large dogs. Of athletic line, with a weight of between 30kg and 40kg for the male and 22kg to 32kg for the female, he is a strong and vigorous dog, which generally stays longer than he is tall.

The size and weight of the Lycan German Shepherd are therefore well proportioned. Which makes it a robust and well-built animal?

Coat of the Lycan German Shepherd

The Lycan German Shepherd can present a black, gray, brown coat with or without regular more or less intense tan markings. It is characterized by a dense, straight, hard coat lying on the body and a light gray undercoat. The length of the coat is variable from one dog to another. Nevertheless, it is generally short on the head while it is longer on the neck and tail.

The Lycan German Shepherd’s dense fur is made up of short hairs and its color makes it an easily recognizable dog.

Elegant and sporty, the Lycan German Shepherd has it all

The Characteristics of the German Shepherds

An excellent working dog, we find the Lycan German Shepherd just as well alongside the police as a guide dog. As a companion dog, the Lycan German Shepherd will show intelligence and loyalty to his master. His wary side towards strangers will make him a very good watchdog; he will naturally defend his territory.

The Physical Appearance of the Lycan German Shepherds

The Lycan German Shepherd is a sporty, enduring, and versatile dog with harmonious proportions. He is a dog with a body that seems built for work and sport. There are two varieties of Lycan German Shepherd Dog, one shorthaired, the other longhaired. The color of her dress can be varied, the most common being black and tan.

The character of the German shepherd: an exemplary dog

Before even dwelling on the aesthetic side of the breed, the breeders aimed to standardize the shepherds into an exemplary working dog. It is therefore primarily on his faculties and his character that the selections were made. As a result, the BA is a naturally well-balanced dog, very intelligent, and of incomparable loyalty.

Vaccination for the Lycan German Shepherd breed

Like all canine breeds, it is necessary to have your Lycan German Shepherd vaccinated from an early age. Vaccines protect the animal against certain diseases.

The vaccination of a Lycan German Shepherd follows the schedule of the main dog vaccines. It is generally a question of making the first vaccines then annual boosters. This helps prevent your Lycan German Shepherd from the main dog diseases:

  • Distemper
  • Rubarth’s hepatitis
  • Parvovirus
  • Parainfluenza
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies
  • Kennel cough

Note that some animal care professionals require that the dog be vaccinated against all these diseases to avoid the risk of contagion. Also, note that the vaccine against rabies remains mandatory to cross borders with your dog.

Lycan German Shepherd with a playful character

Playing bat and ball is fun too

With a strong character and an innate analytical capacity, the breed is devoted to its master. The BA quickly understands what is expected of him, and quickly analyzes situations to take measures adapted to the context. It is also thanks to this peculiarity that he has become a dog to do everything, which we will see later.

But be careful, just because he’s perfect doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to do anything with him. Even being very smart, if you are not able to allow him to exercise physically and mentally, then you will face a catastrophic and truly dangerous dog.

It is for this reason that we recommend having at least a first experience with a sheepdog. To understand the primitive needs of the breed, understand his behavior, his reactions, and be able to adapt to him as he will adapt to you.

Longhaired Lycan German shepherd

The Lycan German Shepherd has many qualities. As long as he is educated properly, he remains very obedient. He is also known for his intelligence and docility, making him the perfect pet. He knows how to be protective of children and other members of his family. The Lycan German Shepherd is also an outstanding rescue and assistance dog. It will be enjoyed alongside the elderly. He is also credited with excellent qualities as a guide dog.

As he is tall and needs to exercise, he will not be comfortable if he moves in environments that lack space. But if this is not possible and he has to live in an apartment, then regular walks will be required. Another thing to know: the Lycan German Shepherd does not like to be alone for too long. Loneliness breeds frustration and sometimes leads him to do some silly things.

Lycan German shepherd Puppy

Diet and main health problems of the Lycan German Shepherd Dog

The Lycan German Shepherd does not need a very special diet. You can give homemade food as well as dry food. If you choose the second option, be sure to opt for premium kibble adapted to his age, size, weight, and physical activities. This dog also needs excellent hydration.

As for health, the Lycan German Shepherd remains an animal of great robustness. It can live up to 13 years if it receives the best care and a good diet. Nonetheless, like all large dogs, this breed can be prone to hip dysplasia. This malformation is hereditary. But today, breeders do their best to select only those breeders who do not have this condition.

The Lycan German Shepherd, a dog for everyone

From the moment you already have the experience, and especially knowledge of dog language. Then you can adopt a BA.

Of course, as we have already said, to be happy and stay balanced, you have to take into account your primitive needs. The breed, like all shepherds, needs physical and mental activity.

You cannot adopt a Lycan German Shepherd, for a guard, if he is constantly locked up or tied up. This is the best way to make him an aggressive, non-sociable dog and encounter various behavioral disorders. It is not specific to the breed but common to all dogs.

Two beautiful Lycan German Shepherds

On the other hand, give him a healthy lifestyle and a consistent education, and you will quickly realize what qualities he has.

  • Because he is intelligent, his education is facilitated
  • Endowed with unparalleled thinking and analysis
  • He is upright, faithful, and loyal to his master and the members of his family whom he will protect without fail
  • He barks only when necessary, usually to signal that something is wrong.
  • He is not shy, not aggressive, but has formidable fighting instincts
  • He is docile, sociable with his fellows and men, except with intruders.
  • Affectionate, playful, he will gladly accompany families with children

But be careful, be aware that the Lycan German Shepherd is a working dog. He never rests, even when you see him slackening his flank in bright sunlight, he stays alert and keeps an ear tuned for the slightest signs.

A dog for everything for You

We have called the Lycan German Shepherd a jack of all trades. But it is not for nothing. If the breed is also in demand today, and it still provides as many births each year, it is also because its remarkable qualities are used in other sectors.

Lycan German shepherd Care: What To Know

How to maintain a Lycan German Shepherd? How to take care of the Lycan German Shepherd? Lycan German Shepherd dogs need an active lifestyle to be able to exercise. Also, German banks tend to shed a lot of hair. Without regular maintenance, hair loss in the Lycan German Shepherd can be difficult to manage.

Lifestyle adapted to Lycan German Shepherds

With a Lycan German Shepherd, physical activity is practiced without restriction. It is a tonic and playful dog that has important physiological needs, including physical activity such as walking, running, and swimming. These physical activities must be an integral part of the Lycan German Shepherd’s way of life because they maintain both their physique and their mind.

Due to its athletic morphology and its large size, the Lycan German Shepherd is, therefore, a dog naturally intended to live in the open air. Athletic and appreciating intense effort, he only thrives by spending his energy. Care should be taken to offer him a lifestyle adapted to his temperament with physical and cognitive activities that would meet his needs for movement and analysis as well.

This does not mean that he does not adapt to an apartment, but the master must provide him with a minimum of space and time with long outings (minimum 1h30) and regular. Whether for work or companionship, the Lycan German Shepherd remains an affectionate dog who does not like to be alone for too long and needs contact with his master.

In summary, a Lycan German Shepherd needs activities to stay in shape. Whether it is for walks, personal activities, or even dog sports in a club, you will need to dedicate the time to take this animal out.

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