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Dogs are the most amazing creatures on this earth, isn’t it? They play, walk, ride and can be your best companion always.  Although it is true that, dogs usually engage themselves in some sort of activities and enjoys playing most of the time, it can also be seen that there are certain lazy dog breeds that don’t shed much. So, you might think that they shed almost all the time but, this is certainly not the case.

Those breeds are also present who although being bored, don’t engage in shedding and that is really astonishing to begin with. Despite that, you can’t ignore the fact that, all breeds of dogs whether active or lazy has the requirement of exercising regularly. So, in this article, you will come across such kind of dog breeds and know more about them.

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Breeds of Dogs That Avoid Shedding

When you analyze the shedding, with lazy dogs, you will come to know that there are dogs that do such, but also there are breeds who don’t shed and are completely different. It is good to own such dogs always. So, let us get introduced to those breeds.

  • Japanese Chin–Do you pose a garden in your home? If not, then also it is not a problem at all. The Japanese Chin can easily adjust with the place you are residing at. It looks cute and can be comfortable in each and every place, you provide it. It is that breed that is much smaller in size and has no requirement of compulsory exercising. Still, you can make it walk with you for few minutes and entertain him by letting him inside a small park. However, this dog enjoys a thick coat and still is not much good shedders and is taken as average. So, just make sure that, his hairs are brushed in proper manner and help him to lose fewer hairs always.
  • English Bulldog–Among all the other lazy non shedding dogs, the English bulldog tops the list. He can be so lazy that, he would not even feel bore while lying down for the entire day. It is because of his height as well as his nose that this dog doesn’t get much involved in activities.

However, this dog also shed but very less. Still, you can get his hairs over your furniture and other things.

  • French Bulldog–Similar to that of English Bulldog, French Bulldogs don’t like exercising much. That is the reason; French Bulldogs are the most suitable breeds for people who live in apartments. However, go out for a walk with it, just for some time and that will do fine. Following that, you may observe shedding in spring season a bit, still groom him a little and this will stop shedding for sure.
  • Bichon Frise–If you are seeking for a cute, adorable dog then Bichon Frise will be perfect for you. Having a light weight and fluffy hairs, they can be easily carried by anyone. In addition to that, these dogs are much energetic ones and loves running around. Apart from that, these breeds enjoy a long nap anytime of the day and stills they shed very less. So, they can be too good as a pet.
  • Shih Tzu–These breeds also come under the category of lazy dogs who don’t shed as they love to spend time by either sitting or lying down. It is just that, they don’t spend much time in exercising. However, whenever you have free time, make them walk a little and they will get fun by doing so. Basically, they shed less although being inactive in other sorts of activities much. But you may notice that they shed much at times, but with appropriate grooming, their shedding can be controlled.
  • Havanese–You must be thankful to their amazing thick coats which apart from looking good adds shedding problem too. Still, as their coats are much thick and long so it takes time for them to shed all their hairs. Make sure to brush their coat regularly and if you do so, you can help yourself as your house can remain clean. Know that, this breed enjoys cuddling much then playing around.
  • Greyhound–This breed of dogs can be the best pet for people who always have a busy schedule. Although, they are considered to be the fastest dog, they don’t mind to have a sleep for as long as 20 hours. So, for this purpose, they are named as “60-kilometer couch potatoes”. Basically, they are taken as light shedders and you can always groom them properly.
  • Yorkshire terrier–Also known by the name of “tomboy”, this dog is loved by almost all.These dogs can be the perfect companion and a travelling friend as well. Basically, they poses silky coat and are quite lazy as well. You can make them feel contended by taking them for walks for few minutes only. However at times, they can show you how much energetic they can be. As they have no undercoat on them, so they have no shedding actually. Still, trimming their hairs can be good at times.
  • Tibetan Masiff–Possessing all the characteristics of being an amazing pet, these dogs are quite reliable. Basically, they like playing at times and mostly during the winters. However, they are not much into exercises as their joints are weak. But, you can always come up with some small exercising sessions for them, if you wish. Although they poses thick coat, still they sheds in minimal amount. However, just make sure that, brushing their coat can really work well.
  • Pomeranian–They are the cute breed of dogs that poses lots of hairs. Basically, poms are always energetic and give a positive attitude of fearlessness by attacking other breeds as well. However, you can really enjoy your time by cuddling with them and they will surely like it also. Now, when it comes to shedding, remember that they are laid back dog breeds that don’t shed. However, you need to groom them well.
  • Maltese–This breed of dogs are quite active, but you will be shocked to know that, they spends much of their time in taking nap. If you don’t insist them to play, they can sleep day long and enjoy doing so. It is because of this reason, that busy persons are more comfortable to own these breed as a pet.However, they are quite obedient dogs and can be trained easily always. As they have no undercoat, so this is one of the reasons that they do not shed hairs. So, yes, you can always go for them and make them pet.
  • Irish wolfhound–When we are discussing about the breed of lazy dogs that don’t shed, remember that, Irish wolfhound isn’t an expectation. They are equally lazy as dogs and this reason makes them to shed less. Basically, they are quite sweet as dogs and enjoy some outdoor sports as well. Although, they love playing, you cannot ignore the fact that, they do not exercise that much. Just remember that, they have no relation with shedding, i.e. they don’t shed a bit also. Just ensure that, his coat is clean and tidy by grooming it well frequently.
  • Miniature Pinscher–Another dog, requiring less grooming and shedding less, makes the perfect breed for people who lives in apartments. However, they demand less exercises also. You need to know that, these dogs can do well by not exercising also. They love games mostly and can enjoy naps for almost entire day. In short, they don’t demand much of your attention and care. Following that, they make walk around the house for sometimes, but will ultimately take rest and have some sleep. However, you just need to groom them a bit and help them in shedding less.
  • Tibetan spaniel–A perfect combination of playful and lazy dog, this breed suits busy families completely. Basically, they aren’t that lazy, but will not demand of exercising much.  Actually, these breeds are considered to be lap dogs as they love sleeping on your lap. They have the characteristics of curiosity with them and are quite alert to any dangers prevailing around you. You must make them walk a little and prior to that, they will get enough tired and look for a nap. However, they shed, but comparatively less. Just some good grooming can make them alert always.
  • Dachshund – Lastly, Dachshund are the breed that poses a lazy attitude and doesn’t shed much. If you want a dog which doesn’t require grooming on a daily basis, then go for this breed. With the requirement of least activity and playing, these dogs can be too good as pets. So, make friendship with him and enjoy.


Therefore, there are very less people who prefer lazy dog breeds. But, for the purpose of a companion to a disable person or busy working people, they can be perfect pet always.

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