How to Unstick a Dog After Mating – Dogs Stuck Together Breeding

It is a known fact that dogs normally get stuck while mating. They usually stay stuck for a few minutes before getting freed. There are many dog owners who often wonder if there is a way to make their pets unstuck. The sight of two dogs getting stuck to each other may seem rather scary to some of you. However, this is absolutely normal and there is nothing for you to panic. This is a natural thing that happens with every dog.

Dogs staying stuck to each other while mating is a normal part of breeding. It is the only way for them to mate. Thus, wondering about making them unstuck is not that important. It is true that sometimes getting stuck to each other may be painful for dogs. This is especially true for those dogs that are mating for the first time. You have to try and calm the dogs down so that they do not panic under such a situation. Dogs remaining stuck to each other may last from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

What To Do When Your Dog Gets Stuck And How To Get It Unstuck?

The answer to this question is rather simple. All you need to do is leave them as they are. It is basically nature playing its part and it is just a matter of time before they get unstuck. However, if you notice that both the dogs are tied to each other for too long and it is also getting very painful for them, simply pet the female dog’s head gently. You have to remain calm and patient when you do so.

Doing so will help the dogs calm down a bit and make their muscles relax. This will help the male dog to separate slowly from the female dog. Do not make the mistake of trying to separate them forcefully as this may give rise to the risk of hurting them. Talk to the female dog gently and keep petting her slowly. At the same time, keep showing that everything is fine and will be alright in the next few minutes.

How Long Do Dogs Remain In Heat?

Dogs generally remain in heat for around 2 weeks. However, most of the dog owners like to know more about this fact. It is important for you to know that just like humans, female dogs also have periods. Once your dog reaches puberty, there will be cycles of fertility. This is the time when the female dog will be in heat and all set to mate. If it is the first time for your pet, it may get in heat earlier than usual.

If it is a smaller dog, the first time will be around the age of 6 months. However, for larger breeds, it will be around the age of 18 months. Dogs will remain in heat once every 6 months. This is unless it is the Basenji breed, which is in heat just once every year. You have to ensure that you avoid allowing your dog from mating during the first couple of cycles. This is because the eggs fail to be ready at this time. Once you decide to let your pet mate, always consult with a vet to let the professional know about it. Although the bleeding during this time of the cycle lasts for just two weeks, there can still be a chance for the female dog to be fertile and remain in heat for another week.

Number of Times for Dogs to Mate to Get Pregnant

If the mating is done at the right time during a cycle and if it also lasts for the proper length of time, letting the dogs mate just once is enough. The female dog will remain pregnant even if you know the trick to get dogs unstuck. It is important for you to know that female dogs understand when their eggs are ready. They also eject male dogs if they try to mate earlier than the normal time. Once a female dog understands that she is ready, she will give signs to male dogs and also allow them to mate.

Although a single mating session is enough most of the time for a female dog to get pregnant, professional breeders will keep both the male and female dogs together for a maximum of 5 days. This is also the duration of the fertility period of female dogs. They let the two dogs mate a couple of times during this period to ensure that the female dog gets pregnant.

Do Dogs Get Pregnant Automatically?

As discussed earlier, if done at the right time, it is quite possible for your female dog to get pregnant straight away. However, if the female dog is not yet in heat, there is a very slim chance of her getting pregnant. Since the cycle happens twice a year, every day of a period may not be suitable for the female dog to get pregnant.

It is most probable to happen between the 10th day and the 14th day of heat. It will be a good idea to discuss the different stages of every heat cycle to understand this a bit better.

Stages of Heat Cycles

  1. The first stage of a female dog being heat is known as proestrus. At this stage the bleeding and various symptoms start. Some of these symptoms include frequent urination to release hormones and swollen vulva. This stage normally lasts for 10 days. Although during this stage the female dog will attract male dogs, she will not be prepared for fertilization yet.
  2. The second stage is when the fertilization actually happens. It is known as estrus and at this stage ovulation takes place. It is important for mating to happen within those few days, since the male dog’s sperm remains active for a couple of days after mating. This is why it is best to allow dogs to mate while the female dog is ovulating.

Ways to Prevent My Dog from Getting Pregnant

It may so happen that you may fail to take good care of puppies. This may either be due to lack of sufficient space, resources or time. You will also not like the idea of leaving them in a shelter. The best option left is to prevent your female dog from getting pregnant. Here are some ideas to achieve this.

  1. Isolation and Monitoring: IN order to do this, you will have to know the heat cycle of your female dog. This will help you pay closer attention to all the male dogs in and around the vicinity. There is an easy way to keep up with the cycle of your pet. All you need to do is have a white piece of cloth or paper under the animal’s bed or the place where she normally spends most of her time. This will help you see the moment the first stage of her heat starts. This will also help you stop any unwanted mating. There is another way of ensuring that your female dog does not come in close contact with other male dogs. All you need to do is keep her isolated and, if possible, locked inside your garden or home. At the same time, make sure that other male dogs do not have access to it. If taking her out for a walk is a major concern for you, just be super vigilant and her your female dog close to you on a leash. This will prevent her from escaping to other male dogs.
  2. Panties for Dogs: This may sound funny to most of you. Nonetheless, this technique will work, especially if your female dog is often too close to other dogs. Panties for dogs are easily available at pet stores. There are many pet owners who use this to make sure that blood does not end up anywhere inside the house. These panties prove to be practical solutions to stop the males from mating with your female dog. Although panties provide some degree protection, it is not the most secure thing. Panties can easily be ripped off by any stubborn male dog.

Spaying: There are many female dog owners who look for permanent solutions to their pets getting pregnant. One such way is ovariohysterectomy. It basically involves getting rid of all the reproductive organs found inside a female dog. This also includes the ovaries. Most of you may wonder why there is a need to get rid of the ovaries. Some of you may think that when a woman goes through hysterectomy, the ovaries remain inside. However, this is not the case with female dogs. Humans and dogs have different reproductive cycles. There may be a risk of infertility if ovaries were left behind inside a female dog. It is best to remove the ovaries to prevent breast or ovarian cancer in dogs. In order to ensure that your female dog remains healthy even after the surgery, spaying is crucial. However, do not do so when the dog is in heat. Better wait for the cycle to pass.

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