Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer – Tipping Etiquette for Pets

Tipping is a subject that manages to get strong reactions from many people.  Some people like to tip every hard worker very easily, they give few bucks to mail carriers, hair stylists, cable installers and everyone they come across while there are others who tip only when they are under social pressure.

There is also a huge difference in the amounts they tip people who work for them and help them around. Some individuals go to a restaurant and throw a few coins on the table and simply tend to walk out with no shame. There are many people who give a small stack of money folded in. They are happy when they do this for the people who are kind enough to provide them service.

Well, this is a known fact that there is no tipping etiquette, there are no “rules” to it. You can take them as “suggestions.” There are many articles which you may find on the subject. The article on the topic is available in abundance and is scattered all over the internet. However, many articles found online were written by groomers. You can understand what they might have written about the tipping issue.

The team looking for answers for you are not groomers though, so in this article you will objectively find out answers for your options if you need to give tips to your dog groomer and the unexpected results which can occur because of your choices.

Yes Or No: Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

In Brief: yes, you should generally tip your dog groomer, but if you fail to do so it won’t be like you would be shamed for the same because of the social scorn which stiffens your delivery guy or the stylist who does your hair.

Let’s begin exploring the issue by looking at the kinds of jobs and start to understand what kinds of jobs are available in the market which the in general receives tips according to the social norms which deserves a tip:

  • Barbers and hairstylists
  • Massage therapists
  • Child entertainers
  • Wait staff
  • Strippers
  • Cooks
  • Bartenders
  • Delivery drivers

Each of the above have some things which are in common which is similar to your Dog Groomer’s job. The job which you see above needs an ample amount of personal care and it also requires customer’s satisfaction. This would determine how the worker has performed.

Let’s say, the guy who comes to entertain everyone at your child’s birthday party would make sure that he gives everyone special attention, especially your child. His juggling and entertainment skills would be the key factor in entertaining the kids during the party. So, it is always better to show some gratitude and reach for your wallet when the job is done well.

Your dog groomer certainly meets all the criteria like the above: They are taking care of your puppy/dog and giving them undivided care and attention. It is because of their skills and effort level that you are satisfied with their job and return to them again. Hence, the work they do surely determines the outcome of their job.

The groomer’s job also has a lot of risk attached to it (as all the other jobs which include your pet). Servers which were mentioned above rarely get bitten from their clients while working from them. However, groomers get bit every time. It does not matter how busy the bar is, most bartenders go through the work without getting peed upon at least. Groomers always find themselves in a position to be used to take a tinkle.

If you still think that you need more convincing. Then you should consider this: You are giving your puppy/ dog to the groomer hence their safety and well-being depends in the way the dog groomer treats them. Every pet parent who has given such responsibility to someone so important, happy? Don’t you want them expecting you to come again and do business with them?

Well, the answer you are thinking must be a yes.

How Much Should You Tip Your Groomer?

It is not that difficult to determine how much you should tip your groomer. It is very simple; it should be around 15%-25% of the bill. It is similar to how you would tip your delivery drivers or wait staff. This suggestion can be followed in most of the aspects. However, the tip amount can slightly vary depending on the workers performance.

When you get your dog back from the groomer and noticed that the groomer has done a good job or she might have taken a longer time than expected then you may adjust the tip to the 15% end if you don’t find the work up to the mark. However, you can increase it up to 25% of the bill or more if your dog gets the best-looking haircut.

You should also consider the aspect about how difficult your dog can be with the groomer while you are tipping them. If your dog makes things difficult, it would be better if you increase the tip by some amount than usual. Let’s take an example, if your dog has a habit to nip or pee on the person who is grooming, that surely needs to be paid at least – perhaps much more if the bite was serious at all. More bucks than usual.

If your dog is older or fatter that also has created a lot of problems for the groomer, there are some breeds which require elaborate grooming which are bichon frises or poodles. Hence, it would be better to add extra cash to the tip.

You might also want to think about the difficulties they might face while they are grooming your dog.

Sometimes the groomer comes in early or stays late to adjust to your schedule? You should let the tip cover that aspect as well. Many clients show up with their dog being filthy, the groomer then has to take extra effort to make your dog look good, which should make him earn a larger tip.

You Should Expect a Job Well Done

If you think that the work of the groomer has not met your expectation and wasn’t groomed as per your requirement, say something! Many times groomers get really worked up and they might hurry up the work. No matter what kind of job they did, they should be tipped, if you think that they did a terrible job, then you should adjust the amount of tip that you are going to give them. Since you usually receive a 40% to 50% commission for the job they do, the tip would serve as an indicator that the job was not done well.

Should You Tip A Dog Groomer If They Haven’t Done These Things?

If you still feel like the job was not done properly at all, then don’t tip.  A tip should not be given for future good work. If you think that a dog groomer should be tipped only if they have done a good job. So be it.

However, you should mention it to them that you aren’t satisfied, and allow them the option to fix it before you tip them.  It may be a new groomer and may be not aware of how to treat your dog. If you tell them the points you want to fix, they would surely work on it.

Set Your Expectations

A groomer should know about all potential behavioral issues before they start the grooming. This doesn’t mean their tendency to bite (although it is very important). It also means that they understand.  For instance, let’s say your dog is a very polite one, but it has a really sensitive paw because of a prior injury.  This information should also be shared with the groomer so that they are aware that the paw needs to be dealt in a very sensitive manner.

Make sure that the rabies/distemper is given to your dog.  The grooming store generally asks for this on their own. However, smaller grooming parlors don’t. However, you should keep it handy because you never know what would happen. If the groomer gets bitten by the dog. It would be a great risk. Don’t confuse the groomer so that they would think if they require a rabies injection to be on a safer side.

Make sure that the dog has been treated for fleas.  You really should not go to a grooming salon if you are doing this.  A lot of people live alone and can get away without dealing with fleas, but if you bring your dog to a place such as a groomer. You may be infecting other dogs being treated there which no one wants.

If a groomer is comfortable around your dog and does something extra for your dog. Make sure you tip them. Make a good relationship with them. Make it a point that they are happy to see you. They will be grateful to you for giving them business and a good tip.

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