Pug German Shepherd Hybrid Mix Dog Breed (Shug)

The German Shepherd Pug mix is a modern breed and is yet to gain recognition from the American Kennel Club. It is a mix of a purebred Pug and a purebred German Shepherd. This dog breed, also known as a Shug, has a broad range of temperamental and physical characteristics. This means you will really need to pay a lot of attention to details when purchasing one.

Breeders responsible for creating Shugs interbreed a German Shepherd and a Pug. The aim of doing this is to create a dog breed that is small and friendly as a pug but loyal and intelligent like the German Shepherd. Although German Shepherds are a prevalent dog breed in the United States, certain people do not have what it takes to own extremely loyal, giant dogs. It is difficult to handle a German Shepherd if you live on a small property.

Owning a Shug can be very demanding. Nonetheless, it is a breed that will get more famous as time goes on.

How much is a Shug Puppy Sold?

There is no exact cost that a Shug puppy can be sold for. Since Shugs are still new, the amount they will be sold for will defer from one buyer to another. Additionally, they are mostly sold in the Wild West. Although there is no certainty you will get a Shug for a particular price, you should be ready to spend between $500 to $2000 when looking to buy one.

you should have a budget of between $40 each month to give your Shug food. You will also spend on its medication. The amount you will pay is dependent on how many characteristics of a pug your puppy has.

Interesting Facts about the Shug

The Shug has not been around for a long time. Nonetheless, there are already a couple of facts that everyone looking to have a Shug needs to be aware of. These facts are;

You Do Not Have to Follow a Breeding Standard for Shugs

At the moment, there is no standard for breeding Shugs. Although it does not seem reasonable, it is. This is because AKC standards can sometimes be restrictive. Also, this standard does not give as much priority to a dog’s health as much as its appearance.

 Since there are no regulations, Shugs have the freedom to display hybrid strengths. Although the absence of the AKC standard comes with some merits, it is not free from cons. Due to the lack of AKC standards, any breeder can decide to sell a puppy and call it a Shug without consequences.

To ensure you do not end up buying the wrong dog, you have to do your research and find out essential facts about any breeder you are looking to work with. Relate with people that have patronized this breeder. While talking with dog owners that have patronized the breeder you intend to work with, look out for negative impressions.

After meeting with the dog breeder you intend to patronize, request a meeting with the puppy you want to buy and its parents. Additionally, tell the breeder you want to check out the various health certificates of the Shug Puppy. If these Shug puppies do not have the needed certifications, you might not want to purchase a Shug puppy from such breeders.

Pugs are Loved by Royalty

Royalty in different parts of the world seem to favor pugs over other dogs. Initially, the pug was bred for Chinese monarchs. However, it came into Europe when a Pug was able to keep then Prince Wiliam of England safe when there was a Spanish ambush.

A Shug Differs from Pug-Zus

A Shug is merely a blend of a German Shepherd and a Pug. A Pug-Zus, on the other hand, is gotten from mixing a Shin-Tzu and a Pug. The Shih-Tzu is not rated to the German Shepherd in any way. It, therefore, is impossible for a Pug-Zus and a Shug to be the same.

Shug Intelligence and Temperaments

Should Shugs be Kept Around Families?

Shugs is easy-going dogs and can quickly become a member of the family. They enjoy getting a lot of attention and are also very playful. They are known to show a great degree of affection. Also, they enjoy taking part in whatever activity their owners are involved in. Because of their personalities, Shugs are great companions for energetic and young children. They do not mind being naughty with your kids.

Shugs are amazing dogs. Nonetheless, they might not be perfect as guard dogs. This is because they quickly fall in love with strangers. When a Shug sees a stranger for the first time, it does not bark to alert its owner. Instead, the Shug is most likely going to rush towards the stranger and wag its tail.

Additionally, Shugs get to suffer from separation anxiety a lot. If you have a very busy family and no one spends ample time with your Shug, it might decide to urinate on the carpet or tear a pillow. When you see your dog doing any of these, just realize that it wants to get more attention. Furthermore, if your Shug has more of the German Shepherd trait, it could start digging under the fence in the backyard when it is bored.

Do Shugs Relate Well with Other Dog Breeds?

The way a Shug relates to humans is not the same way it will relate with other pets. Its loyal to humans but could get aggressive and suspicious of other pets in the house. To help it become friendly with other pets, it would be great if you make it socialize with cats and other dogs in the house while it is still a puppy. If you do this, when it is grown, it will not show aggression towards other pets.

What Should Every Shug Owner Know?

If you have plans of owning a Shug, you will need to know some things the average person does not know about Shugs. The Shug is a new breed and is mostly unmonitored. Due to this, there is limited knowledge about it. While there are specific characteristics and traits that Shugs are supposed to possess since they come from a blend of the Pug and German Shepherd, some Shugs have features that are nothing like what is expected. This is why you have to meet the Shug, alongside its parents before paying for it.


A Shug can be described as a blend of a potato couch and an energy ball. It loves to spend time eating and napping. In the same way, it enjoys taking long walks in the park. To ensure that your Shug has a healthy weight, it has to exercise for about 45 minutes every day. This should be done with toys, as well as with long walks.

Shug’s genes have a significant role to play in their exercise needs. If German Shepherd genes dominate its genes, it will be able to spend a long time walking in the park. On the other hand, if it is more of a Pug, it will get tired a lot faster as it will begin struggling to breathe in a short while. 

So, if your Shug has more of a Pug’s physical attributes, you will have to be careful when getting it to exercise.

Getting your Shug to exercise will not be a difficult task because they love spending time outside. You do not need so much space for your Shug to run around when you have the right toys. This is one way it stands out from other dog breeds. Due to this, a Shug is a great dog if you live in a small apartment.

Shug Diet and Food Requirements

Shugs live very well when given dry food supplemented with fiber sources such as chopped vegetables. These fiber sources must be nutritious. When looking to feed your Shug, you must select organic dog foods that contain real ingredients. It would be best if you avoided gluten meals and by-products. Furthermore, you should give your Shug two cups of organic dog food every day. Ensure your Shug does not feed freely. This is vital as there is a likelihood for them to overeat when they have unrestricted access to food.


Shugs do not need a lot of grooming. Their coats are short. However, to keep matting away, you must brush your Shug’s coat once a week.


Just like German Shepherds, Pugs are very intelligent. However, unlike German Shepherds that are always ready to work, Pugs were originally royal lapdogs. This means they are used to having their way. This attribute always comes in the way when training them. You will have to be firm if your Shug will be trained adequately.

Just like Pugs, Shugs do not show aggression. However, they have issues with using the potty and are very disobedient. To ensure that your Shug is properly trained, you will need to begin training it on time. You can start with commands as simple as ‘Come’. If it is obedient, reward it with treats.

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