German Shepherd Maltese Mix

Maltese German Shepherd Cross Hybrid Mix Dog Breed Guide

The Maltese breed is no doubt one of the most loved dogs in the family all around the world. With a height of 10 inches, we can classify this dog breed as a ‘toy group.’ Another name for the Maltese is Malshep, but it is most commonly called the former.

It inherits the fine characteristics of its parents, which are the intelligence of a German Shepherd and the cute physique of a Maltese among others. One way to determine a hybrid’s temperament is to study the characteristics of the breeds involved in its birth. It is good to note that not all dog-breeds are 50 to 50 percent purebreds, and so, it is essential to find that out.

Most times, breeders would breed a multi-generation hybrid to give rise to a new breed. That is not the same in the case of a Sheptese. The German Shepherd Dog and the Maltese are both pure breeds, and as such, investigating the quality of the hybrid will require little effort. 

Is it possible to breed this dog with a German Shepherd?

The answer to that question is yes, as backed up from the findings from the DRA (Dog Registry of America).

One of the reasons why most breeders are asking questions regarding the probability of crossing these two species is because of the height differences. Presently, it is challenging to find meaningful information on this hybrid. 

Understanding the Maltese Breed

The weight of the regular adult Maltese is about 4 pounds; males can attain a height of 10 inches, and females can gain a height of 9 inches. The weight of the Maltese is regardless of gender.

We classify the Maltese under the ‘toy group’ category. The color of the dog is white with a long coat that requires constant grooming. This breed is one of the few classes of dogs that you need to bathe regularly. 

If what you want is a cute dog for your kids to play with, then this affectionate and sweet breed is one you will find suitable. They commonly refer to the Maltese dog as the dog for aristocrats or the dog for rich kids.

Understanding the German Shepherd Dog Breed

The AKC highlights many incredible features of the German Shepherd. Some of these include:

  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Loyalty to its owner
  • Intelligence/ ability to learn and thoroughly comprehend commands
  • Willingness to rescues loved ones.

The German Shepherd is not only a friendly and cute pet, but it is an excellent guardian as well.

The average weight of the German Shepherd dog is about 95 pounds and it can attain a height of about 26 inches. It can grow up to exhibit aggressive tendencies, that is why early training has to be done for it to learn proper socialization.

Understanding the Sheptese

The name given to the crossbreed between the German Shepherd and Maltese is the Sheptese. 

The truth is that the information about this crossbred is very scarce, and therefore, the information in this article is precious. It is almost impossible to crossbreed a little Maltese with a German Shepherd.

On many forums, there have been lots of concerns expressed by breeders about crossbreeding a little Maltese with a big German Shepherd dog. One question was about the possible painful nature of the pregnancy from intercourse between a Maltese and a GSD.

Another concern was how possible would it be for the little Maltese mother to birth a large GSD pup successfully. 

These questions must have been the reason most breeders have withdrawn from crossing the breeds. 

Instead of The Sheptese, here are Some Popular GSD Mix to Be Considered

According to K9deb, it is possible to cross any breed with the GSD. There are quite a lot of striking features of the GSD that many pet-owners love. Here are a few mixed breeds of the GSD that are quite popular in the canine world:

Sheprador (GSD and Labrador Retriever)

According to facts from the AKC, Labradors are the first most popular dogs in the world, while GSDs are the second. When you crossbreed these two dogs, you will get nothing but the best guard dogs around. They have the choice of characteristics of loyalty, bravery, obedience, and vigor.

The Sheprador would make for not just a noble companion but an excellent guard and protector as well.

The Shepherd Pit (GSD and Pitbull)

The result will give rise to a medium/ large dog that possesses a thin/slim coat. If your ideal dog is a large-sized dog that does not need much grooming, then this crossbreed is most appropriate for you. This breed also loyal and guarding characteristics of its parent breed, the German Shepherd Dog.

Shollie (GSD and Collie)

Shollies are a set of active, easy to train, and intelligent dogs. In the 1800s, they referred to GSDs and Collies as herding dogs, and this quality makes them very active in an outdoor setting. They are also very affectionate dogs and safe for your kids to play with, even though they have an enormous size.

Here are some Popular Maltese Breeds You Should Consider Aside from Sheptese

According to the K9ofmine, the Maltese are said to be a pup that displays affluence and luxury. Most times, you will find this breed held by Popular Hollywood stars.

When breeders combine the Maltese with other dog breeds, the result would be a cuddly and cute baby pet. Here are some of the most common Maltese crossed breeds:


The Maltipoo is a crossbreed of the Maltese and Poodle. They usually describe this crossbreed as being a charming, loving, and affectionate dog. The usual color of this breed is white as a result of the poodle genes. It is a great family pet, and it remains cute even as a crossbreed.


The Malshi Mix is the result of crossbreeding the Maltese and the Shihtzu. If your desire for a pet dog is to have a furball accompany you on all your trips, then the Malshi would interest you the most. It is a very small pet that can fit in your bag while you are window shopping. 

Malshi is an active dog that can keep you company even during the weekend when all you want to do is binge-watch on the weekend. 


The Morkie is a crossbreed of Maltese and the Yorkshire. If you want a cute small family dog that you can safely keep with your little kids, then the Morkie is your best bet. It is a loving, friendly, and active breed as well. 


To reiterate, getting information on the Sheptese was difficult because only a few breeders have dared to crossbreed both. Authorities on dog breeding have maintained that there is a lot of health risk associated with breeding two dogs of different sizes.

Due to the small size of the Maltese (the mom of the Sheptese) and the large size of the GSD (the pet’s father), the birthing process will be risky. It would require the deployment of a cesarean section to deliver the ‘big’ Sheptese from a small Maltese mother.

The result of the birthing process could be a terrible strain that could lead to the death of the little Mother.

If you are thinking of crossbreeding Maltese or German Shepherds, you should use other common breeds. That decision is safer, healthier, and will give rise to more reliable types. Some of the other dog breeds you can try include:

  • Pitbull
  • Collie
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Shihtzu, etc.

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