Samoyed Shedding Guide – How Much Do These Dogs Shed?

In case you have been contemplating getting a new dog as a pet and don’t know what breed to go for, one point to consider is if the dog breed sheds their fur and if you can cope with that. 

Samoyed is a popular dog species usually found on the cover of magazines and famous among celebrities due to their beautiful fur. One notable thing about this species that their owners have realized is that they shed like twice a year due to weather changes.

If you think the name Samoyed sounds Russian, you are right. These dogs were bred by nomads in the region of oymyakon, Russia, which is an extremely cold area. 

Due to the extreme weather conditions, only a dog with thick fur could survive and be efficient. With their double coats, these dogs could be used for hunting animals, hauling sleds, and herding reindeer by the people of Samoyed.

More on Samoyed’s Double-Coat

As the name implies, a double coat simply means two separate layers of fur or hair. This is common with some dog breeds, including samoyed. The inner layer of a Samoyed fur comprises short, dense hair, which serves as protection from cold, and this layer of hair usually gets shed during summer when there’s no need for it. The outer layer of a Samoyed fur comprises or longer hairs, also known as guard hair, which protects against external elements such as wind, snow, etc.

Reasons for Shedding in Samoyed

Dogs shed under different conditions, and except the breed you got is hairless or special, there is no way you can prevent this even from occurring. Samoyed is one of those who shed their fur from time to time as their body responds to and regulates changes in the environment. Their coat protects them from harsh weather conditions, and when they are damaged or stops growing, new ones will begin to grow. 

How Nutrition Affects Shedding

Although shedding is a normal body reaction to change in the environment, it can get out of proportion if your Samoyed is malnourished. Just like humans, dogs need a proper diet for them to lead a healthy life. Therefore, protein, carbohydrates, fibers, and several essential minerals and vitamins are required in their right proportions. If you notice an abnormal shedding in your Samoyed, do not waste any time before consulting with the vet.

How Often Samoyed Shed

Samoyeds do not shed now and then like other breeds. Most times, they only shed twice in a bid to regulate their body temperature. Their smaller coat serves as protection during summer, and they shed it in spring, and their heavy coat protects them in winters, so they shed it during fall. After all, having a winter coat in summer will make survival difficult for them.

Degree of Shedding in Samoyeds

If you are a new Samoyed owner, then prepare to be shocked the first time you experience your dog shedding its fur during spring. The amount of hair that you will see falling off is usually unbelievable. Most novices may think it is a sign of sickness, but it is far from that. Expect to pack out many bucket-loads after every few days until the shedding is completed. 

As you pack out the shredded fur, you will start to wonder if they came out of this dog. Have you ever dug a small hole and ended up gathering a pile of dirt that you wondered if it came out of that little hole? This is the best analogy to help you understand what is going to happen when your Samoyed sheds a huge pile. The most amazing part is that even when you pack out the fur, your dog will still look like nothing had happened.

This process happens twice a year, and during this time, it will help if you groom your dog with a comb frequently, at least twice a day.

Managing Shedding in Samoyed

Shedding is a natural reaction of your Samoyed body to its environment, and there is nothing you can do about it. You can, however, help to minimize the shedding by following the tips provided below. These will save you from having to pack hair from every corner of your house.

Brushing the fur of Your Samoyed

When it is time for your dog to start shedding, make brushing its fur a part of your daily routine, and pack out as many lose hair as you can. The hair becomes tougher to brush if you take too long before brushing it again, so do it daily.

Good Food

Feeding your dog with healthy dog food will go a long way to make them shed less. The skin and hair require some specific vitamins and minerals to keep them in good shape, which can only be supplied by good nutrition. 

From observation, shedding is usually worse when the skin of Samoyed are dry and when their hair is coarse. This can be corrected by changing the type of food that you feed your dog with. When shopping for the right dog food for your Samoyed, go for those where reduced shedding effects are written. It is also a good idea to see a vet so he can recommend the right type of food for your Samoyed and detect any form of food allergy.


You don’t have to bathe your Samoyed every week, but you can make it a monthly routine. Make use of recommended shampoos that are tender on their skin and can clean their fur properly. If you are confused about the one to use, talk to your vet.

Check for fleas and Ticks.

The bites from ticks and fleas, causing your dog to itch, and do it will scratch and keep injuring itself. Get rid of any sign of fleas and ticks from your dig by using sprays or other treatments recommended by your vet. A flea collar may also help to keep them at bay.

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