Do Male Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

Some people who love animals wonder if they have what’s called an “Adam’s Apple”. As we know, these are found on both women and men (although they’re more protruding in men than they are in women) humans, but people often wonder about dogs. Do they have these Adams apples, and if you wonder this, are they like human beings too? In this guide, we’re going to tell you the answer to this question so you’ll know – and we’ll tell you how and why they have them.

What Does a Dog’s Throat Look Like?

The truth is, dogs do have what’s called an Adams apple. This part of the body, even in humans, is simply what’s called the larynx – also known as the “voice box” or vocal chord region in the throat. Here’s what a dog’s throat looks like so you know about them – you may be surprised to know that a dog’s throat is much like a human being’s.

Most people know that we have a trachea, larynx, epiglottis, and even our esophagus – all parts of the throat.

These parts of the throat are also common in many animals, and dogs are one of them. They all function in much of the same ways that ours does. The trachea – also known as the windpipe, helps with lung function and contains the bronchial tube to the lungs. The esophagus naturally closes with a flap that allows a dog to swallow their food. A dog’s throat also starts with a pharynx just like us, which is the small area between the nose and throat (the sinuses).

This means that yes, dogs essentially have an Adams apple. The larynx as we mentioned earlier, is the primary part of the throat that is called this. A dog’s is also below the chin and right there by the trachea just like ours is. If you want to check to see if your dog has one, you can place your thumb and index finger below the chin on the trachea. You should feel the cartilage ball towards the middle of their neck.

Are Male Adams Apples Bigger on Male Dogs?

The answer to this is often also a yes, but it also depends on the breed of dogs. There are dogs out there that have a very large bark (that’s often much worse than their bite). These dogs may have a larger Adams apple than your quiet (or annoying) yipping chihuahua will. Therefore, it can be said that depending on the dog, and depending on whether it’s a male or not, also dictates whether they have a larger Adams apple. Part of the reason for this, is because while in wild dog packs, the females may be the “lead hunters” so to speak, the males – especially the alpha males are the ones that have the louder and often deeper bark, growl, and even howl – let alone their increased physical prowess and smarts.

Be Careful When Checking. Not Every Bump is an Adams Apple

Believe it or not, sometimes you may find lumps on your dog’s throat that isn’t the Adams apple. Sometimes it can be a lump of cancer, or even just a fatty tumor. If you should find one of these, then you need to take your pet to the vet to be checked and the tumor to be biopsied to rule out cancer.


So, there is your answer on whether a dog has an Adams apple. The fact of the matter, is that just like us, dogs to have one, and they even have a throat system that’s more like ours than even some other animals out there.

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