Are Wheat Thins Crackers Bad for Dogs & Puppies to Have?

The whole wheat is transformed into a fine residue to manufacture the crackers of wheat thins. These are considered to be a healthy snack, which can also be included with other healthy foods like hummus and butter of peanut. If you are looking for something healthy for your dog then probably this is one of the best foods for your pet.

Therefore, if you are still thinking of Can Dogs Eat Wheat Thins, then you are simply wasting your time. Yes, you need to understand that you cannot provide such things on daily basis. If you are feeding such on daily basis then you might jeopardize the health of dogs.

The possible composition that is used in wheat thins

Individuals need to understand the composition that is being used in wheat thins. Such knowledge can help you to understand the positives and negatives of feeding such to the pets. Here are the details of the components illustrated in the points given below:

Wheat – Within the thins, wheat is the major element based on which the thins are prepared. Some dogs are prone to allergies when fed with anything that has wheat in it. The symptoms are infection to the skin, itchy skin, hair loss, and also infection to the chronic ear. Such symptoms needed to be taken seriously and if you are leaving it untreated, then it can even lead to death.

Sodium – The use of sodium in a dog’s diet is never advisable. Sodium is used in adequate quantity to enhance the taste of the thins. Generally, dogs are very susceptible to sodium. The sodium consumption can increase their blood pressure and imbalance in the electrolyte level. Hence, it can lead to severe disorders which can even lead to death.

Synthetic minerals and vitamins – The wheat thins are healthy to a certain extent but the use of other ingredients like cornstarch, enriched flour, oil of soybean, and coloring that are done artificially to make it look more attractive. These are the sentences that add no benefits to the thins rather it affects the positives that are present in thins of wheat.

Carbohydrates – Excess amounts of carbohydrates are not suitable for dogs. The carbohydrates in excess can create lots of imbalance in their body. Carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits are beneficial but the use of sweeteners and grains rich with carbohydrates are never good for your pet. Excessive carbohydrates might lead to obesity of the dog and can even reduce the energy level which will make your dog exhausted throughout the day.

Precautionary measures if your dog is consuming a lot of wheat thins  

Basic treatment if your dog is not prone to any allergies 

It can happen at times that your dog is consuming lots of wheat thins and you are not aware of it. Then what should you do to avoid any harmful consequences? At first, make a good observation of your dog and try to notice if it is getting allergic because of the wheat or any other materials used in the preparation of wheat thins. If nothing is happening then wait for 8 to 12 hours without feeding any food and water. After the stipulated time you provide just plain rice and chicken.

What if your dog is prone to allergies or any abnormalities? 

If you notice any sorts of allergy to your dog then you should contact the vet. The ingredients that the thins are made up of might prove to be toxic to the dogs’ bodies. You are supposed to contact the vet even in case of any abnormality. The vet will probably the right person to guide out of such a situation.

What can be a healthier alternative of thins of wheat to your dog? 

There can be a tricky situation where your dog has tasted the wheat thins and wish to have more. Then what can be the best way to feed something similar but not the thins. Yes, the use of natural peanut butter, rolled oats, and pumpkin that is pureed can be baked to form a wholesome ingredient. These ingredients are healthy and can make your dog feel a similar taste to that of the wheat thins.

Final verdict

If you are opting for the wheat thins for your dogs, then probably you are making one of the poorest decisions for its diet. These contain a lot of salts and very few calories. Instead, you can provide biscuits that are specifically meant for the dogs. Those can add a lot of calories with fewer preservatives for the diet of a dog.

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