Is it Safe for Puppies to Have Pepperoni?

If you have concerns about the health of your dogs when they eat pepperoni, this article is for you. You might think it is just a common food, but what harm does it pose to your dog’s health? Can dogs have some pepperoni? You might learn a thing or two about the contents of pepperonis and how it affects your dog, so read on.

My advice to all pet owners, always talk to a vet about every one of their concerns about the wellbeing of their pets. Including questions like, “Can I feed my dog pepperoni”?

Is It Safe to Feed My Dogs Pepperoni?

It is NO! Pepperoni has high sodium and cholesterol in it, and your dogs would get fat. Pepperoni sometimes has some additives in it that pose health risks for your dog.

A slice or two over a long period can be safe for your dogs. Anything more than that would be dangerous. Some health risks involved in this are damages to their kidneys, digestion problems, pancreatitis, and salt poisoning.

What About Hot Pepperoni?

The quickest way to make your dog have a stomach upset is to give it spicy foods. So, hot pepperoni is not safe for your dog. Don’t give it to your dog.

Perhaps your dog eats one while you are not watching, make sure it drinks plenty of water and be very observant of any reaction that might suggest they are dehydrated.

Are Pepperoni Jerkies Okay for My Dog?

One pepperoni jerky in two to three months is good. Try not to overdo this by giving your dog garlic or onion spiced pepperoni jerky. Garlic and onions are poisonous for dogs. That being said, your dogs cannot eat a spicy jerky either. 

What About A Little Pepperoni Slice?

A slice once in two or three months is okay, nothing more. If dogs have too many slices, they stand the chance of ingesting more fats and salt than they need. These two are not good for your dog.

Peperoni Sticks Are Fine, Right?

A dog must not finish a whole pepperoni stick. The salt and fat in one stick are too much for a dog to ingest at a go. A little bit of the stick is fine if they must have it at all.

How about Turkey Pepperoni?

Whatever meat is used in making a pepperoni does not matter. The focus should be on the spices, salt, and fat content in these pepperonis. A little turkey pepperoni is okay for your dog. 

It is better to know the quantity of fat, spices, and salt in the turkey pepperoni you are about to give to your dog, if it contains garlic or onion powder, then do not give to your dog to eat. 

Is Pizza Pepperoni good?

Never give your dogs pizza pepperoni. Onion and garlic powder are always in the sauce and crust of pizzas. Two dangerous ingredients for dogs. Apart from garlic and onion, pizza has high sugar, salt, and fat content. If your dog eats it, it would have a stomach upset and that might cause other issues that could be serious to their wellbeing too.

How Bad Is Pepperoni for My Dogs?

Can my dog die from eating pepperoni? Not really. A slice or two would not kill it, but your dog might get ill from eating too much of it. If your dog eats too much pepperoni they are likely to show some of the following symptoms;

  • need to drink more water
  • need to pee often
  • throwing up
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea

Once your dog shows any of these signs, contact your vet immediately.

How Much Pepperoni Can They Eat?

If you can, do not give pepperoni to your dog. If you must, a slice or two a few times a year is okay. In conclusion

The delicious aroma of a nice pepperoni might attract your dog, but it is not good for it. Keep your dog far away from pepperonis. A pepperoni treat once or twice a year is okay, but it is safe to keep it minimum. Salt and cholesterol content in pepperonis are high. Any day your dog has any, you need to critically monitor what they eat for the rest of that day.

Like I said before, the first thing to do if you notice your dog is showing any sign of discomfort after it has eaten any kind of pepperoni is to call a vet.

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