Is Lasagna Bad for Dogs & Puppies to Have?

Most of you like to have pasta and lasagna. It is usually seen that if there is a dog at home, people like to share their foods with their pets. It is true that lasagna is one of the most lip-smacking dishes that contains garlic and onions. These are healthy for humans to some extent. However, are these healthy for dogs? If you discuss it with a vet, you will come to know that both onions and garlic are toxic for dogs. Thus, giving lasagna to your pet may prove to be dangerous for the animal.

This makes it very simple for you to understand that lasagna is not something that can be given to dogs to eat. Garlic, onions, and tomato sauce are three of the ingredients found in lasagna and all three of them are dangerous for the general health of mutts. On top of that, if your pet is lactose intolerant, the cheese in the lasagna may also prove to be threatening for the animal.

Lasagna Is Meant For Humans and Not Dogs

It will really be tough for you to avoid a plate of lasagna placed in front of you. It not just treats your taste buds with a sweet and sour taste, it is also rather fulfilling. However, unlike some other human foods, lasagna is not something that can be shared with your mutt. While having a plate of lasagna at home, if you notice your dog staring at you hungrily, it will be a good idea to let him stare. If it bothers you then better move off to another part of your house. Whatever happens, do not make the mistake of sharing your lasagna with your pet.

Why Is Lasagna Dangerous For Dogs?

Most of you may wonder why lasagna, out of all types of foods, is dangerous for your dog. Well, there is not one but many reasons behind this fact. There are several ingredients that go into the making of this dish. Ingredients like garlic, ground meat, bell pepper, cheese, tomato sauce, oil, and lasagna noodles. However, leaving aside just a handful, all other ingredients are dangerous for dogs.

  1. Garlic and Onions: In the list of dangerous ingredients used in lasagna, garlic and onions can be considered to be the most dangerous of them all for dogs. Although a small quantity does not prove to be dangerous, lasagna involves using a good amount of the two ingredients. This may result in poisoning for dogs and sometimes may even be fatal.
  2. Cheese: Although cheese is not harmful for dogs, it may prove to be bad for the stomach if your dog ends up overeating it. If your dog is lactose intolerant, it may prove to be even worse for your pet. Overeating cheese may give rise to digestive issues in your dog’s stomach.
  3. Tomato Sauce: You will be surprised to know that even the harmless tomato sauce may prove to be dangerous for your pet dog. Tomato sauce also contains garlic and onions that may cause digestive issues in canines.

What Exactly Happens If Your Dog Eats Lasagna?

The plain and simple lasagna noodles are not at all dangerous for dogs. However, the ingredients used to make the dish are the primary cause of concern. As discussed above, lasagna contains both onions and garlic that contain toxins. These toxins may give rise to serious complications for mutts. It may even cause oxidative damage in a dog.

It is true that a single piece of onion will do nothing to your dog. However, if the dog eats more than one, it will have some serious negative reactions in the dog’s health. Lasagna does not contain just a single piece of onion. The large amount of onions and garlic in lasagna is the main cause of concern. Consuming too much onion may give rise to a condition known as hemolytic anemia.

It can practically destroy the red blood cells of your pet’s body and the dog’s blood ultimately loses its ability to carry oxygen to different parts of the body. This makes the dog very unhealthy. At times, consumption of too much onion may be fatal for the mutt. If your dog eats too much lasagna you will have to rush the animal to the vet. The professional will make the dog vomit that will provide them with instant support. However, if the situation gets out of control, it may require blood transfusion. Thus, in order to stay away from so much trouble, it is better not to give lasagna to your pet.


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