Are Cinnamon Graham Crackers Bad for Dogs & Puppies to Have?

How did you feel when your dog was first brought to you? For most, it is was a memorable moment. Even though we are aware that they are not humans, we still adopt them as a family member for the wonder they bring to our homes. One common thing that we humans do to anyone we love is to share what we have with them, including food.

Since giving is a natural human way of showing affection, we may have given our dog food before we even thought about the action. Even though it is a good gesture, you must realize that dogs are wired differently from humans, and thus their dietary needs, biological formation, and lifestyle are different from ours. A lot of our favorite food is harmful to them. In this article, you would find out of Graham crackers are safe for dogs or not.

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are great for dogs if the rule of moderation is followed. They are safer for dogs than many other Hunan snake.

Constituents of Graham Crackers

Although the ingredients used may slightly differ based on the brand, the important ingredients used in the preparation of Graham crackers are Lard, Cinnamon, Sugar, Graham flour, Oil, Salt, Molasses, Shortening. 

Below is the nutritional constituent of this meal:


Dog are very active pets, which is why carbohydrates take from 30-70% in most of their meals. Graham crackers are rich in carbohydrates, and so they are good for your dog. However, there are also negative side effects of too many carbohydrates. Therefore, their consumption should be moderated.


The sugar content of Graham cracker is pretty much, and since dogs and sugar do not go well together, you must limit how they eat this snack.


Graham cracker is rich in sodium, but dogs need a balanced amount of this mineral to lead a healthy life; therefore, as a dog owner, you have to make sure that their sodium consumption is well moderated.

Are Honey Graham Crackers Good for Dogs?

This form of graham crackers is very sweet as it combines the crunchiness of regular graham crackers with the delicious taste of honey. Since honey is a safer supplement for sugar, this makes honey cracker more healthy than normal ones. If you had considered giving some honey crackers to your dog, worry no more as it is perfectly safe.

Are Cinnamon Graham Crackers Good for Dogs?

Most vets believe that cinnamon is as healthy for dogs just like humans. It is therefore not a bad idea to give some cinnamon graham crackers to your dogs occasionally. However, it is always best to discuss your vet before giving any new meal to your pets.

Effect too Much Graham Crackers Have on Dogs?

Like we discussed at the beginning of this article, Dogs have a different biological system than humans and can eat like us. Graham Crackers is loaded with carbohydrates. 

Although dogs are active and need many carbohydrates since it is the primary energy source, too much of it will lead to serious health challenges in a dog. This is because their intestines are smaller than ours, making it hard for their body to process sugar and other vitamins. Unprocessed carbohydrates begin to accumulate, causing several ailments in the animal.

Some of the common diseases include:


The sugar tolerance level in dogs is much lower than in humans. Too much sugar from overeating graham crackers may end up, resulting in diabetes in your dogs.


Dogs that are fed with human meals are usually exposed to the risk of obesity. The fat in Graham crackers leads to rapid weight gain in the dog.

Respiratory Problems

Too much sugar eating may result in alterations in a dog’s circulatory system, leading to heart problems.

Digestive Problems

As we already mentioned earlier, dogs struggle with digesting sugar. It can put a strain on their digestive systems and can lead to ulcers or gastritis.


The pancreas is an organ responsible for the metabolism of sugar, and too much sugar intake will overwork it, thereby causing and inflammation of this organ.

Dental problems

Sugar is known to affect the human mouth cavity, and this is also the same for dogs. The high sugar content leads to an increase in bacteria, dad breath, and tooth decay.


There are several dogs that are allergic to wheat or cinnamon. Eating Graham crackers that contain the same will result in itchiness or diarrhea.

Should Puppies Have Graham Crackers?

Dog puppies grow up very rapidly than human children. Therefore, they need balanced nutrition to lead a healthy life and grow up safe. Unfortunately, Graham crackers and most human meals won’t help them grow up well. Therefore, do not feed puppies with them.

Are Dips ok for dogs?

Most humans love to take their Graham crackers with different types of dips die to the flavor they add to them. It is a bad idea to do the same when feeding your dogs with it. This is because most dips are prepared from dairy products and contain preservatives, which may sometimes be toxic to dogs.

Can Graham Crackers Be Used When Training A Dog?

Of course, you can. Dogs love sweet and crunchy treats, and Graham crackers can serve that purpose perfectly. This makes them ideal for use during training. However, you must moderate the number of crackers they will have at the end of the day to not exceed the amount that is safe for their health.

Conclusively, graham crackers are safe sources of carbohydrates for your ever-active pet dogs, which is essential to produce their daily energy need. Although carbohydrates are harmful if not taken in the right proportion. It is easy to get carried away and keep letting the dog have more but you must realize that their body system is different from ours. 

Some of the harmful effects of feeding your dog with too many Graham crackers include gastritis, obesity  diabetes ulcers; therefore, follow the rule of moderation when providing your canine with this snack.


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