Is it Bad for Puppies to Have Cheesecake?

We can all agree that being the owner and caregiver of a dog is definitely a pleasure.  These sweet creatures are friendly,  loyal, gentle, loving, filling our lives with fun and happiness. However, an important part of responsible pet parenting is understanding what they should eat and what they shouldn’t. 

While sharing your meal with your dog may look like a loving gesture, it may end up costing your dog it’s health, and in some cases, it’s life. A lot of food on our menu as humans are toxic to dogs and can lead to fatality. Although several sumptuous human meals are equally great for dogs, and in this article, we will examine if cheesecake is good or bad for dogs.

Should Dogs Have Cheesecakes?

The ingredients that are used to prepare cheesecake are the major food enemy of dogs. Dairy products and sugar are not good for any species of dogs as they result in gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, cheesecake is not healthy for dogs.

Below is a list of the ingredients used in preparing cheesecake and their effect on dogs.


Sugar is a major ingredient required in the preparation of cheesecake or any type of cake. Although we find sugar to be a significant part of our diet, it is not healthy for dogs. Sugar is not a natural food for dogs; they only started eating some of it when they started living with us. 

A little sugar may not harm your dog, but when they take it in large quantities, it will result in health risks such as diabetes and obesity.

Dairy Products

Cheese is made from milk and is a primary ingredient in the making of cheesecakes, just as the name suggests. Although the lactose in milk is good for humans, they are bad for every dog species, but the severity varies from one to another. The typical symptom of lactose poisoning in dogs includes:

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Increased thirst 
  • Dehydration 
  • Vomiting 
  • Weakness Bloating 
  • Accidental toileting

Cream cheese

Even though we talked about dairy products already, it is important that we talk about cream cheese separately. The reason is that apart from being a dairy product, cream cheese also has a high-fat content, which causes pancreatitis and obesity in dogs.


Chocolates are particularly bad for dogs as they contain theory, which is considered highly toxic to dogs. Just an innocent bite into chocolate can result in symptoms like seizures, diarrhea, muscle tremors, vomiting, and death in extreme cases.

The Danger of Raisin Cheesecake

Although raisin cheesecakes are sumptuous, they can kill your dog. The exact thing in raisins that kill dogs is still a wonder to scientists, and they are still doing researches into it, but the common result of a dog consuming raisin is kidney failure. Therefore, keep the raisin cheesecake to yourself.

Can Puppies Have Cheesecake?

Before answering the question, you should pay attention to one important rule of dog keeping: if anything harms a mature dog, it will have a more adverse effect on a puppy. Applying this rule to this scenario, it would mean that puppies should not be fed with cheesecakes.  

Puppies require a balanced nutritious diet to promote their growth.  Foods rich in Sugar and fat like cheesecake can cause severe diarrhea in puppies due to their tender and sensitive digestive system.  If you catch your puppy eating a cheesecake, quickly take it to a vet for immediate attention and advice.

When to get Worried if Your Dog eats Cheesecake?

Although cheesecake is not good for your dog’s health the amount of it that the dog has had is crucial in determining if it is safe or not. If your dog only took s single bite, then you don’t need to worry yet. Just be careful to keep it away from the dog next time. However, it is a different story when it has to do with raisin cheesecake and contain chocolate. In both cases, you must take the dog to a vet ASAP. 

Is Every Cake Type Dangerous to dogs?

Due to their high-calorie count, fat, and sugar contents, cakes of all types are not ideal for dogs. Furthermore, most bakeries make use of xylitol, which is a type of alcohol and is considered toxic for dogs. If you want to give your dog a cake, do. However,  you should be ready to enter the kitchen and bake one for the dog yourself. This way, at least you are entirely in control of the ingredients used and will make sure any harmful substance is not present.

Can I Bake a Cheesecake for my dog?

So far, we have discussed cheesecake, the dangers and risks to your dog. However, if you wish two bake one for your dog, your first assignment is to talk to the veterinarian to determine if your dog is lactose intolerant.  Incase it isn’t, you can go ahead to bake one where cottage cheese or yogurt is used in place of cream cheese.

Below are some common foods you cannot share with your dogs


Due to the Methylated Xanthine content, caffeine is dangerous for dogs as it results in death in some instances.


Dog food is usually prepared without onions due to some toxic compounds in it that hamper the production of red blood cells in dogs.

Macadamia nuts

Scientists are yet to understand the exact chemical in Macadamia nuts that affect dogs; it is a fact that eating it causes vomiting, hypothermia, and depression in dogs.


The persin contained in avocado is highly toxic to dogs and causes gastrointestinal issues and difficulty in breathing.


Cheesecake, specifically baked for human consumption is dangerous to dogs. Cheesecake or any cake that contains raisins and chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and results in gastrointestinal issue or extreme cases, death. However, there are numerous recipes of cakes on the internet that are suitable for dog but to be on the safe side, you must be ready to do the hard work of preparing yourself.

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