Are Olives Bad for Dogs & Puppies?

A lot of people love the taste of black olives. The average person even seems to love black olives more when on a slice of pizza. Also, it is not out of place for dogs to salivate when they see pizza. Before going ahead to give your salivating dog pizza, you have to ensure it can safely consume the toppings. 

There are various toppings used in preparing pizza. Popular among them is Black Olives. This raises the question, “can dogs eat back olives?”

We are not sure what it is about black olives that dogs love. It might be the salty taste or its feel in the mouth. Generally, it is okay for dogs to take black olives. However, before going ahead to give your dog black olive, you need to know how it was prepared. Is it raw, cooked, marinated, or pickled? All of this will go a long way in determining the effect of the olive on your canine.

How do Dogs Benefit from Black Olives?

Black olives are popularly grown around the Mediterranean and are a part of the stone fruit family. They contain various powerful antioxidants and are especially rich in vitamin E. Additionally, they are made up of 15% fats. Their fat content is responsible for the production of olive oil which humans make use of.

Some of the minerals and vitamins that can be gotten from taking olives are;

  • Sodium: Generally, olives are very rich in sodium. This is because they are packed in salt water or brine. To get the best from olives when giving them to your dog, you will need to give them olives that have been soaked in spring water or rinse your olives.
  • Calcium: Olives contain calcium and are therefore good for the bones, nerve function, and muscles of your dog.
  • Copper: This mineral is not found easily in the general western diet. The absence of copper in meals could lead to heart diseases. So, olive oil consumption can keep your dog free from heart diseases.
  • Iron: Black olives provide the body with iron. This is vital for the movement of oxygen in red blood cells.
  • Vitamin E: Foods that are high in fats are rich in vitamin E and black olive is not an exception. Vitamin E helps your dog’s immune system. Additionally, it is good for your dog’s muscles, joints, and skin.

How are Black Olives Prepared?

Black olives do not go through so much production process. This is because they get grown on trees until they are ripe. Naturally, olives do not have a very nice taste. As soon as they get ripe and plucked, the olives get soaked in a salty solution for them to cure. This process takes out the bitter taste and gives black olives an enjoyable taste. As soon as they get cured, they get packed into a brine solution.

Is it Okay for Dogs to Take Black Olive?

There is nothing wrong with dogs eating black olives. You can give back olives to your dog as a snack. Furthermore, you can give them to your dog as a treat. Although dogs love black olives, you must provide them black olives moderately.

What are the Best Black Olives for Dogs?

There are various black olives, and for your dog to get the best from them, it should eat ripe black olives. Black olives that are ripe might be ideal for your dog. Nonetheless, it would help if you did not give them to your dog excessively. When given to your dog in huge quantities, it could lead to stomach upset.

While it is generally okay to give your dog black olives, there are certain black olives that you should never give to your dog. Some of these black olives are marinated in sauces, spices, garlic, and chili. When you give your dog these black olives, it could end up being sick.

 A lot of olives get soaked in salty water or brine before being packaged. So, when you get packaged black olive, you need to soak them in freshwater before feeding them to your dog.

Allergic Reactions

Dogs are not able to take all types of foods because of allergies. So, when giving your dog something new, lookout for signs of any allergies. If you notice your dog reacting to food negatively, you will need to withdraw that food. This should be followed by visiting the vet. While dogs might not do well with some foods, those with health conditions will suffer more from allergies.


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