Brindle Colored GSD Dog Breed Guide

Dogs are loved by almost everyone. People love to keep pets because they aren’t only lovable but they also protect your home when you are not around. There are many breeds for which the people can go but Brindle German Shepherd dogs are the most popular and most admired dogs. The Brindle German Shepherd flaunts a high energy level and hence this canine variety requires a lot of activity consistently. Its preparing prerequisites anyway are not exactly as requesting, and its jacket just requires brushing more than once per week. 

The Brindle German Shepherd is a moderate to weighty shedder and in this manner is maybe not the most ideal decision of canine for hypersensitivity victims their color pattern however remains a controversial issue. The color is controversial because several other breeds like the Pitbull also have same colors. Thus, it is debatable. Also, brindle color isn’t so popular among the German Shepherd dogs and the breed isn’t also so preferred due to its instability. The color is somewhat unusual and that is why it is the topic of interest for many. Brindle German Shepherd dogs are new in trend and here we will know more about them.

More about the Brindle German Shepherd dogs

The term pattern or the color alludes to a particular coat tone that is comprised of rotating stripes. Even the American Kennel Club has not listed the Brindle German Shepherd breed in its official list hence, it will always remain unique and a topic of controversy. Since the breed is rare and the stripes are similar to that of a tiger, it is also popularly known as the “tiger stripes”. The uniqueness is so varied that if you go about comparing two different brindle dogs, you might not find any similarity between them. This is due to the genetical effect that may vary on a large scale. 

Some people have a great interest in dogs and their breeds and hence, they are keen in knowing the un-mixed, pure breed of the Brindle Colored German Shepherd dog. But, to their disappointment, it is so rare that no video has yet been publicized that displays its pure breed. Also, a strange thing is that brindle color is itself not so uncommon when it comes to other breeds, for example in Dutch Shepherd breed, this color is very common and, you might find some videos on YouTube of the same breed being petted. But, for German Shepherd breed, it is unusual. 

How is the Brindle Color Coat Formed?

The entire process is very complicated. Since it has been written above that one brindle pattern might differ from another brindle pattern, the formation isn’t just by breeding one colored dog with a brindle pattern dog. It requires a sequential order and scientific understanding of the genetics. A standard dog that has dominant brindle color is required to be bred with another dominant dog so that the characters transferred to the progeny involve a unique brindle color. 

What are the two major color genes that are usually bred?

The mottle coat design is viewed as a sort of mosaicism, which is along the lines of the very kind of quality articulation that makes the convoluted tortoise-shell coat design in felines. The two major color genes that are usually bred for dogs are eumelanin and phaeomelanin. The latter one controls the shades of red like, brown, russet etc. whereas the former one controls the shades of black like gray, navy blue etc. Each one of these is also responsible for controlling the color and shape of the eyes, skin and nose etc. 

The color of the brindle breed varies due to many reasons and some of them have been enlisted below:

  • Length of the fur 
  • Mixing of the color
  • Liver size of the bred breeds
  • Grey shade in each breed
  • Intensity of the color 
  • Distance of white markings on the breeds
  • Number of missing stripes
  • Width of the stripes
  • Pattern of the stripes

What are the most popular brindle coat shades available?

  • Black shade: The brindle Shepherd with a dark base coat tone may look strong on the grounds that the passive dark coat quality represses shading in the red range from appearing. The color differentiation is mainly due to the genetic hybridization that occurs due to different colors being bred, like the colors we discussed about earlier.
  • Brown shade: this is what we call a complete brindle dog. The dog which has a brown colored coat will appear to a pure brindle dog.
  • Silver or grey shade: since the color is a dominant one, they might have slightly off markings of the brindle pattern.
  • Tan shade: the tan base color ranges from one shade of strong black to another.

These are the shades in which the brindle color pattern is usually observed. It mainly arises due to the differentiation in the base color pattern of the dogs.

Is there a brindle pattern that also has a mask?

Yes, it is entirely possible for a brindle shepherd dog to have a black mask. As we discussed about the color genes above, the dog can inherit a black mask only when that certain gene is inherited that gives a little extra dark color to its features like the face, muzzle, ears, etc. 

Was brindle German Shepherd ever an un-mixed breed?

Yes, of course. There are many historical evidences that suggest that at first, the breed was pure and un-mixed. Then, later on the founder of the breed German Shepherd bred the wolf-dogs with the German Shepherd dogs that created this brindle breed. The owner also used to call it the perfect breed for every kind of work. The brindle dogs were very different to what we call, the pure breed today.

There is enough evidence to suggest that the brindle pattern is quite the unpopular and un-famous dog pattern in the German Shepherd breed. It was left far behind in the lineage due to its strange color pattern. There were many dogs that had similar features and patterns, including the brindle coat color pattern. This paves way for the natural protective properties in the form of camouflaging. Other breeds of dogs like the Dutch German Shepherd etc. must not be confused with the brindle breed.  

The main reason was the appearance of the brindle color pattern is linked to the fact that different color breeds were bred and the new breed which appeared was entirely different from the old ones. As a German Shepherd owner, some people are really curious to know the appearance of this rare breed but, you must understand that its genetic lineage is under research and just breeding two different breeds won’t lead to its birth. Specific features, characteristics, traits etc. have to be studied to give birth to this breed.

Long fur German Shepherd breeds

The fur length of the brindle German Shepherd breed is very different than that of the original German shepherd breed. It is rather long and has a completely different texture. The typical German shepherd coat type is a twofold layer cover with a coarse, water-safe external layer and a more limited, denser, gentler and profoundly protecting under layer, which is entirely different from the brindle German Shepherd. There are other coat types that are also included. Some breeders regard the long fur German shepherd as a breeding fault, while some breeders try to breed long hair German Shepherds. 

Some of the breeders try to focus their attention towards breeding the exotic brindle dogs. Some people prepare their dogs for the dog competitions and in that, different hybrid dogs take part. Some of the German Shepherd coat colors are very popular and are chosen intentionally by the breeders. They are also referred to as the standard colors. Some people often think that if a brindle dog has a rare coat color then it is faulty or defective, but it is not so. It is simply because the breeding that took place was without any knowledge of the color genetics.

Do people consider buying a brindle German Shepherd dog?

Yes, people do purchase these breeds. As far as the question remains about its health, it is impossible to determine the fate of any living being by first impression. The breeder from whom the dog is being bought must be thoroughly investigated. The customer must make sure to know about the lineage and parents of the dog that they are buying. One must also visit to the site where it is kept in order to know about its health before buying it. There are however some proofs that determine whether the dog is of good health or not and, they are as follows:

  • Well puppy examination reports between 24-72 hours of purchasing.
  • Report of the immunization status, pest control etc. each with their date and time of being done.
  • Parent dogs must have complete AKC papers that are comparable to the AKC papers of the progeny dog you are bringing home

If the owner of the dog is willing to show you all of these papers, then you can trust him and purchase the puppy.  Since every family is looking for a dog these days, it is good enough that the breeder shows you above documents so; you can buy one for yourself. It must be known that the color variation has absolutely no effect the dog’s strength, temperament and other character traits. Color is entirely determined by the genetic formation and, it is not a mutation that will harbor its other characters. 

Where can the Brindle German Shepherds be bought?

The dog can be bought from any rescuer or any animal center. It has been seen that this breed is very lovable and caring. All it needs a good and loving home. Good breeders are definitely hard to find but they are there. It is time to go out and search them. 

What is the estimated price of the Brindle German Shepherd dogs?

The estimated prices of these dogs vary from $500 to $1500. This might seem expensive to you but, it is totally worth it. The Brindle German Shepherds have different pedigree and specific lines of lineage. These are the best dogs to be adopted. Whenever we talk about the brindle German shepherds then there are some specific things that must be kept in mind. 

Brindle Shepherd dogs are a well-known variety but they are un-popular due to their unique coat color. These varieties as discussed above are difficult to breed as these are unique in their features. The scientific knowledge of the genes is a must because only a professional knows what breeds to mix to get the brindle variety. These are an uncommon variety that has a specific coat color which is otherwise hard to find.

Wrapping Up

Many people often talk about the effect of the color on the dog’s performance but, it must be bore in the mind and the color of the dog has got nothing to do with the performance of the dog. The breed is entirely unique and popular. The body of the Brindle German Shepherd canine is commonly more than it is tall and in the advanced variation when the creature is standing the body slants downwards like the canine is ready to spring off of its rear legs. 

This was not generally the situation, the early variation of the German Shepherd canine having a squarer body and less inclining hindquarters. The tail is generally thick and hangs with a slight bend. The fur length is exceptionally longer than the normal German Shepherd breed. This canine variety flaunts an athletic form and erect ears on a head with a sharp nose which upgrades the ready appearance of the canine. Coat tone may fluctuate and incorporates the following colors: dark, dark and tan and sable. This canine variety has a twofold coat with a thick external coat contained close lying long hair that might be straight or marginally wavy. Brindle German Shepherd can hence be the ideal choice of a dog if you are a dog-lover and are enthusiastic to know about the rare breeds.

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