Blue Heeler Pitbull Hybrid Mix Dog Breed Guide

If you are a dog-lover, then you will realize that the importance of knowing about each and every breed. Of course, you might be curious what their appearances, food habits, temperaments, shape, size and many more things. Actually, dogs are always a true best friend, great travel partner and an amazing companion. Therefore having one is not really a bad option. So, have you ever heard of the breed named Blue Heeler Pitbull? If not, then this article is aimed to give you all the detailed information regarding this breed.

What is a Blue Heeler Pitbull?

Well, owning a dog always gives you an amazing feeling. Now, Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs are way-too smart as they pose solid body structure and are always energized to do any sort of work. In fact, these dogs were introduced by George Elliot, back in the year 1840 in Australia. Following that, the Blue Heeler Pitbull is popular in other names as well.  Those are:

  • Australian Heelers
  • Queensland heelers
  • Australian Cattle Dogs

Basically, the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs have been obtained by mixing some characteristics of American Pit Bull Terrier as well as Australian Cattle Dog. They have the name Blue Heeler as they have their coat of blue color which is inherited from Australian Cattle Dogs.

Appearance of the Blue Heeler Pitbull Dogs

These dogs aren’t lazy at all and always shows the will force to do work at any moment. Basically, they are alert each and every time. However, Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs weigh somewhere in between 35 to 45 pounds and has a height of about 17 to 20 inches. Their tails remain hanging all the time and they have strong legs as well. These dogs are always witnessed of having ears that are pointed and their necks are strong as well as broad in structure.

Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs carry their coats amazingly and they are most suited for any kind of weather condition. Usually, their coats come in different colors. These colors are-

  • Blue
  • Motted Blue
  • Blue Speckled

Further, all these various colors of coats that Blue Heeler poses consists of different markings on them. These markings can be striped and spotted at times.

How can you train the Blue Heeler Pitbull? 

It is quite common that whether it is human beings or animals, training is a must. We all need training and guidance to be a better version of ourselves. So, the similar case applies with the dogs. A Blue Heeler Pitbull needs your attention and adequate guidance in order to be able to prove they the best. Actually, dogs usually can’t deal with socializing issues and they find it difficult at first when they are left all alone.

So, if you are willing to see your Blue Heeler Pitbull getting used to normal things, then training them is quite necessary. But, make it sure that, you impart proper training to these dogs, from an early age.

In addition to that, the Blue Heeler Pitbulls are very smart and so they can grasp all the skills you teach you quite fast. They are an amazing listener and so grabbing something new also interest them. Basically, they will also show you positivity and would never disappoint you, while training. But, in case, you find it difficult to train your dog in an appropriate way, you can always seek the help from an online expert.

As the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs are intelligent, so it is not a difficult task for them to take the things that you train them. They will always appreciate the games, which will help you to train them in a better way. However, you can also give them certain toys which will boost up their confidence and entertain them as well.

Know about the temperament of the Blue Heeler Pitbulls

Certainly, understanding the temperament that your dog has is always important. You can behave with him accordingly and can advise the strangers to do the same too. However, in this way, the bond between you and your dog, not only strengthens but helps them to be a part of the family soon.

So, the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs like any other dog poses a temperament that is completely dependent on his ability to socialize as well as the things that surrounds him. As they have an alert mind and loyal attitude, so these dogs are much good when it comes to owning them. Mostly, these dogs are found to be friendly with other human beings and love their owners truly. But, you must always know that, any small indifferent behavior of the stranger might make them suspicious. It is their alert mindset that automatically doubts the weird things that come into their notice.

So, if you see a Blue Heeler Pitbull walking in the roads, you need not run away out of fear. Just remember that, they are the friendliest dogs and would never thinking of harming you anyway. Following that, the loyalty that they depict is amazing and they will do everything to prove them as one of the best among other breeds. In short, the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs are good when it comes to their temperament and it is not much difficult to train them.

Blue Heeler Pitbull Dogs and Their Health

You are lucky; if you own a Blue Heeler Pitbull dog or if you are planning to buy one. It is just because they are away from diseases that are associated with their genetics. Basically, there are certain other health issues that you must be aware of, which might disturb your dog. These include:

  • These dogs consist of hearing issues that they inherit. This disease is referred to as CHSD. However, they are also affected in other ways as they suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, which is associated with their eyes. If this turns serious, it may cause loss of eye sight in the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs.
  • Your dog may face hip as well as elbow dysplasia at times.

You can seek the help of Australian Cattle Dog Club of American for gathering the data related to the testing of genetics in case of the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs. Basically, these dogs are healthy, but at times they may have certain issues related to heart. However, suffering from this disease is quite low as far as the health of the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs is concerned.

Life Expectancy of the Blue Heeler Pitbull Dogs

When you pose a Blue Heeler Pitbull Dog, make it sure to take care of their health always. Maintain their hygiene properly and ensure that they are having proper meal. Now, when it comes to their life expectancy, they are expected to be alive for about 12 to 14 years. Enjoy your time with these dogs and try to keep them happy.

Foods and Blue Heeler Pitbull Dogs

One of the best foods that you can give the Blue Heeler Pitbull, can be Diamond naturals.These consist of ample amount of protein as well as minerals that your dog needs. Apart from that, these have enormous amount of antioxidants as well. Not only that, Diamond naturals are amazing for your Blue Heeler Pitbull as it has no extra colors and flavors in it.

It is designed in USA, thinking about the health requirements of the dog as it is loaded with proteins, vitamins and other useful substances. With all these health beneficiaries, it is one of the top preferences for dogs always.However, there are many such foods that are same as Diamond Naturals which you can always go for. Just ensure that these have to be of good quality.

Grooming and Blue Heeler Pitbull

As the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs are smart and does all the work fast, so it is an easy task when it comes to grooming them. Actually, these dogs usually have coats which are quite thick and so their fur sheds often. So, in this case, the demand for grooming them increases. Following that, the pup of a Blue Heeler Pitbull may also have this characteristic, so get ready to groom them as well.

Does Blue Heeler Pitbull require exercise?

Well it is a fact that, the Blue Heeler Pitbull is quite potential as dogs. So, it is a big yes, when it comes to exercising them. These dogs have good amount of stamina in them and thus will take all the exercises quite positivity. They will enjoy the exercises that you will teach them to do.However, they won’t get bored anyway and can be quite cooperative.

You can take for walks at time and can be your friend at jogging too. Just, make it sure that their energy isn’t wasted by you in anyway. As they are playful, so exercising them will definitely make them feel happy.

Important Accessories and Blue Heeler Pitbull dog

Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs are usually jolly and appreciate any sort of entertainment. So, apart from buying them the accessories that they generally need, get them some toys to play with. With these toys they can feel as if they are continuously engaged in some sort of activity.

They are those dogs who can’t sit back and relax much, so the best way to keep their mind busy is buying them toys.

Some advantages and disadvantages of owning a Blue Heeler Pitbull

It is common fact that, each and every thing has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. So, this applies to the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs too. The disadvantages of the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs include the following:

  • They are aggressive when being in contact with other animals.
  • Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs’ gets bore quite often. They must be kept engaged in something or the other.

But, the advantages of the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs can’t be ignored. These include:

  • These dogs are generally healthy.
  • They are always loyal and friendly
  • The Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs don’t need much grooming also.
  • They are usually active and always ready to perform any sort of activity.
  • Usually, Blue Heeler Pitbull Dogs are quite clever.

Basically, their advantages are more as compared to the disadvantages and that makes them overall a good breed.

Top Interesting Things about the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs

Yes, the Blue Heeler Pitbull Dogs has some funny facts to their credit. So, let us discover those facts one by one.

  1. As per the records of the Guinness World Book, the dog breed that has lived for longest is the Blue Heeler Pitbull Bluey, a Blue Heeler Pitbull has survived for 29 years and this record is the longest.
  2. You will be shocked to know that, at the time of birth the Blue Heeler Pitbull dog seems white in color.
  3. There are famous celebrities who own Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs. They are Owen Wilson as well as Matthew McConaughey.
  4. There are famous movies, where Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs were taken for the purpose of acting.

Blue Heeler Dogs and Its suitability for family

Obviously, the Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs can be best suited for the family, if they are given proper training. They always demand staying fit and require exercises to keep them going well. Now, it is also to be noted that, Blue Heeler Pitbull dogs aren’t much good to be kept, if you have kids. Their loyalty and positive attitude can be one of the reasons for keeping them in a family.

Moreover, if you are dedicated to bring them home, just make sure to make them trained accordingly. Teach them socializing skills, especially with small kids. So, in case you succeed in imparting them with proper social and family behavior, they can prove themselves a wonderful pet each and every time.

Cost of Blue Heeler Pitbull dog

In reality, Blue Heeler Pitbulls aren’t that cheap. They can be of $250 but in certain cases cost $2000 as well.

So, be wise and think of every possibility before buying one.

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