Blue Colored GSD Dog & Puppy Breed

Owning a pet is always an amazing feeling and when it is a dog, it becomes a part of the family. Usually, dog-lovers know the excitement of seeing a dog grow in front of their eyes. Now, there are several breeds of dogs and you need to decide which own to choose according to your wish. But, know that, in USA it is the German shepherd that is seen in most houses. So, we are quite familiar with this breed and its characteristics. But, do you know anything about Blue German Shepherd? If not, then this article will tell you everything about this breed in details.

Let’s Discuss In Detail about Blue German Shepherd

If you are accustomed with German shepherd dog, then you can easily relate with the Blue German Shepherd. It is nothing extraordinary but only has color difference. These dogs can be identified quite easily because of their blue as well as grey color coats, which definitely make them unique. Not only has that, these breeds posed beautiful blue eyes also. Following that, a Blue German Shepherd usually consists of three different types because of their availability in various colors which have a combination of blue and black as well as blue and tan. And lastly they are also found in blue and sable color combination.

However, it is their genes on which their colors are completely dependent. Following that in Blue German Shepherd dog there exists two varied genes that are solely responsible for its color as well as its look. So, actually the foremost gene looks after the matter related to the fur and the next gene is responsible to form markings and distribute that accordingly. Likewise you may sometimes witness German shepherd dogs of one color itself whereas they can be found possessing a combination of two colors at times.

When it comes to the size of a Blue German Shepherd, and then know that, their males are about 24 to 26 inches, whereas females are found in around 22 to 24 inches. Now, their weights can from 65 to 90 lb and 50 to 75 lb for both males and females respectively. So, when it comes to their lifespan, they can be expected to live up to the age of 10 to 13 years and not more than that. However, they are also known by the names of Deutscher and Schaferhund. Amazing, isn’t it?

The most amazing thing is that the puppy of the Blue German Shepherd Dog usually looks much cute and can be easily distinguished. It is just because of the fact that, they poses eyes which are light in color but has a blue color. But, at times, it is also seen that these dogs carry amber colored eyes and sometimes yellow color is also witnessed as far as their eyes are concerned. Moreover, these dogs have their coats recognizable as soon as they get birth.

Observation made by the American Kennel Club

 The Blue German Shepherd dogs are quite closely observed by the American Kennel Club before they developed some points about those dogs. According to them, these breed of dogs aren’t much good as far as the competitions relating to the appearance of your dogs are concerned. They prove themselves unfit in this matter. However, this fact is quite relatable to the dogs that are colored as liver.

So, when we are talking about the most suitable breed for competition purpose, it is the German shepherd dogs that pose dark color which fits perfectly in this regard. In addition to that, the white colored dogs aren’t considered well and thus face disqualification straight away. Following that even the dogs possessing pale color aren’t thought to be much appropriate in competitions.

Blue Colored German shepherd – Is it an indication to something wrong? 

Now, if you are thinking that, the Blue German Shepherd has a blue color coat, which indicates certain problems in the breed, then remember that, your assumption is completely wrong.

  1. However, it may happen that this blue color is certain breed depicts illness of some sort. Even the change of color in coat may show the kind of temperament that the dog is witnessing. But, when it comes to Blue German Shepherd dogs know that, there is nothing to be suspicious of their blue color. It is only because, they are naturally having blue color and this color has no relation to their health or anything else.
  2. It is an obvious fact that, the Blue German Shepherd is not common breed, it is indeed very rare. Actually, at times they are born in huge numbers but it is also found that, in certain conditions and as per the demands, they can be formed following the programs of breeding as well. This is the only reason why they cost a huge sum of money.

But, the fact is much clear that, the buyers of Blue German Shepherd dogs are less in comparison to those who already has a dog of that breed in the form of pet. Following this, if someone is eager to have a breed of Blue German Shepherd, must get the same from any rescue center. In reality there are lots of dogs of this breed who really in need to be taken care of. If you are willing to take one, make sure to give them all the love they deserves.

Blue Shepherd Dogs – Being Quite Helpful

We all know that, dogs aren’t just faithful animal but is also a friend, a part of the family and a security guard. But, you mustn’t be aware of the help that a dog can do in other complex things. So, know that a Blue Shepherd dog has proved to be quite helpful and they play multiple roles too. These include:

  1. Blue Shepherd Dogs help people who are physically handicapped and provide them assistance.
  2. They are desperately engaged in rescue missions as well as searching purpose by the security agents.
  3. These dogs are quite efficient in providing military operations smoothly
  4. Sometimes they are used by the directors for making them act in certain movies as well as reality shows.
  5. Finally, they are a much loved pet.

The most important fact with Blue German Shepherd dog is that, their date of coming and recognition as a breed is still undiscovered. It is simply that, they came and we happily embraced the fact.

Temperament and Blue German shepherd dogs

If human beings have certain temperaments, then why can’t dogs have that? However, it is an obvious fact that, every single breed of dog poses their temperaments accordingly. So when it comes to Blue German Shepherd Dogs it has to be known that these dogs are much friendly in nature. They have the quality of attracting people towards them and can easily become a friend. In addition to this attribute, they genuinely care for their masters and the people they know.

Following that, you they have an excellent quality of grasping the things you team them. Yes, they can be trained easily. However, blue German shepherd dogs are usually found to show loyalty always and they truly loves as well as cares for their masters.

But, you need to be much cautious while handling Blue German Shepherd dogs as because sometimes due to certain things they can be get too anxious and thus cause you a bit harm. So, before adopting a Blue Shepherd dog, make sure that proper training is imparted to it so that it gets no problem in socializing. Apart from that, these breed of dogs goes much well when with their masters but may behave oddly when in contact with strangers.

So, you must take the initiative of handling the Blue German shepherd dogs with smartness. At times, allow him to play with other people in order to help them in socializing. These dogs can be a perfect companion if you can understand this breed properly.

Dietary need of Blue German Shepherd Dogs

If you are planning to adopt a Blue German Shepherd dog then understanding their food requirements is quite mandatory. You must understand that, the health of your dog is very necessary and you are the one who is responsible to take care of this. Actually, a Blue German Shepherd dog does can eat something which consists of 1200 calories in a particular day. You must take proper care that 18 to 24 percent of protein is supplied to your dog. They do not have much demand regarding food but normally requires food that are of good quality.

Just make it sure that, the food you serve him, must consist ample amount of fats as well as protein. These will determine muscle growth in the German shepherd dogs as well as will ensure that their coat is in good condition.

Sometimes, you can give raw fish to your dog as it carries enormous nutrition. Serve them meat as meat carries wide amount of protein that the Blue German Shepherd dogs really need.

Let your dogs exercise regularly

This is nothing extraordinary that a Blue German Shepherd dog has to do exercise regularly. However, 2hours of exercising per day can make them fit and healthy. Actually, we may also allow your dog to swim and run. These activities will help in making their life adventurous and will also contribute in keeping them in proper health. Just make it sure that, your dog doesn’t get much bore as his frustration can be dangerous. So, keep entertaining him through simple ways.

Basically, Blue German shepherd dogs are amazing as a pet, if you can handle them well. Enjoy playing hide and seek with them, and at times allow them to catch a throw.

How to train a Blue German Shepherd Dog?

Are you curious to know what training is required for them? If so, then just know that, they are very smart as a dog and so can be easily trained. These dogs generally pose the willingness to learn new things and can do great as well. So you can train them by following these things-

  • Allow the puppy of Blue German Shepherd dog to spend some time alone. Simultaneously praise them for this as well.
  • So, you can ultimately stretch the time limit of allowing them to leave them alone and enjoying their own company. This will help them to be independent from an early age.

Just try to train them in a friendly way and do not dominate them ever. In case you do so, your dog can take this negatively and can add more to the problem.

Health Issues that the Blue German shepherd goes through

Hip Dysplasia is a disease that can trouble the Blue German Shepherd dogs. Actually, this disease results in pain with the extra growth of joint in the hip. Following that, it can result in the breaking of the cartilage as well. However, there are certain medicines available with the veterinary specialists through which it can be cured. But, if the problem raises much, your dog, might require a surgery too.

However, at times the Blue German Shepherd may also become a victim of heart issues and pannus. In addition to that, their genes may be harmed to some extent which can result in causing hemophilia. But, these issues must be diagnosed quickly as recognizing it at its final stage may have bad consequences.

What is the cost of Blue German shepherd?

In case, you are planning to own a Blue German Shepherd then, be aware of the fact that, they are much costly. Usually, a puppy of Blue German Shepherd dog can range up to $1,200 AND $1,500. But, generally a simple German shepherd dog costs much less as compared to the Blue German Shepherd. So, the high cost is one of the reasons that this breed of dog doesn’t get breeder easily.

So, the Blue German Shepherd dog is an awesome pet always. With adequate love, care and grooming, it can be amazing to own one.

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