What are the Top Dog Food Brands for Hypothyroidism?

Dogs are some of the loveliest creatures to own. It can feel devastating to watch your furry friend go through health issues that you do not understand or lack the best solutions to. If you have noticed that your pup overly sheds its fur, has unusually thin fur, or has a dull coat, the issue could be hypothyroidism. 

If you are new to the term hypothyroidism, it has something to do with the thyroid glands. Your dog’s entire body functions depend on various organs’ actions, such as the thyroid glands. When the glands are not in their best state, they could leave your dog sickly and can, over time, be life-threatening.

Perhaps one of the most significant challenges with hypothyroidism is that thyroids take up essential body functions in dogs; the glands are responsible for self-regulation and hormone production. Since the case is similar to human beings, thyroids turn out to be essential to the body.

What should you do when your dog has hypothyroidism or shows the signs? It is best to visit a vet for medical recommendations. It would help if you also worried less when your dog is on medication since the issue is correctable, and you can have your furry friend back and perfectly healthy.

It would also be a good idea to consider foods suited for dogs with the condition. These foods can be a good way to heal through hypothyroidism since a healthy diet equals a strong and healthy body. The next challenge can arise with choosing the ideal foods for the condition; how do you?

With many brands offering these foods, determining the best can be challenging. You may also note something unique or beneficial in some products or setbacks with others. This article will look into some of the top foods for dogs with hypothyroidism in the market; we will discuss what makes each product special and what you should watch out for. Our list is as follows:

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Your dog may have experienced hypothyroidism for an extensive period; dog food that can last you a long time would be suitable. Rachael Ray provides a quality diet and suits all dogs with the condition. It is packed dry, offering large quantities that can see you through a long time.

You may be happy with this food’s formula, thanks to its organic recipe; this is packed in a healthy mix of ideal proportions, incorporating minerals and nutrients that would do good to your dog’s development and healing. This food takes into consideration the need to serve your furry friend the best diet.

Besides the taste, the inclusion of a chicken ingredient makes this dog food one of the best that you can get your dog. Chicken is a protein source, which your furry friend will find effective in the sustainability of activity and lean muscle growth and development.

The natural prebiotics included in this food’s manufacture eases your dog’s digestion and delivers better health. If you are wary of artificial ingredients, you may be happy to know that this dog food is clean and organic; everything included can help your dog get better and develop healthier.


  • U.S. farm-raised chicken top ingredient
  • Poultry and wheat gluten-free ingredients
  • Vitamins and minerals included


  • Some dogs did not like it

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Another healthy and efficient consideration that you could make for your dog’s health is the Blue Buffalo Life Protection dog food. This product is brought to you from the hands of vets and scientists who work towards improving a dog’s health and development. What does it have to offer?

You may find this food suitable for adult or senior dogs. Besides getting them through hypothyroidism and providing healthier solutions, this food also sees senior dogs through their aging and can improve their lives. Your dog receives expert care with this option.

You may be happy with the dry packaging that this food comes in. Considering that it suits adult dogs, its recipe includes healthy selections of natural foods. The product’s top ingredient is real meat, which boosts the food’s taste and provides the protein that your furry friend needs for activity and development.

The expected result from using this food is the restoration of the shine on your dog’s coat; you may also note healthier skin. Blue Buffalo is a trusted company, which provides quality dog foods. You may find this product affordable and its nutritional content desirable for your dog.


  • Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Real meat top ingredient
  • Natural and dry


  • Some dogs did not like it

3. Whole Earth Farms

Do you worry about what goes into your dog’s tummy? Besides unhealthy substances, your dog could be taking an oversupply of nutrients. This dog food is suitable for a healthy dog tummy and incorporates only your furry friend’s needs for better development. What does it have to offer?

If you are trying Whole Earth Farms for the first time, you should feel assured by the company’s experience in delivering the best dog foods. You may be happy with its tested and well-crafted recipe, which can provide all dogs great nutrition and enhance their good health.

This product is packaged naturally and dry; it incorporates a grain-free combination of vitamins and minerals. Unlike dog foods with overly high minerals, this product offers your furry friend just the right amounts; the result is a strong, healthy immune system and an active dog.

Besides boosting the food’s taste, this product’s real salmon ingredient can boost your dog’s growth and development, thanks to the high protein content. If you are wary of artificial ingredients or preservatives, you may love that this food does not contain any artificial additives and preservatives.


  • Grain-free
  • Natural and dry
  • No artificial additives and preservatives
  • Real-salmon ingredient


  • Some dogs did not like the smell and taste

4. Natural Balance L.I.D. Diets

What age is your dog? Here is a worthy consideration for your furry friend’s food; Natural Balance is great for promoting a nutritional balance for all ages. Therefore, puppies and senior dogs can reap the health and nutritional benefits from this food. Let us have a look at what more it has to offer.

Real meat, chicken, or salmon, are some of the ingredients we have noted to boost a dog food’s taste and provide growth and developmental benefits. This product incorporates all three protein sources, providing your dog with a high-protein meal and promoting good health.

Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient Diet System helps avoid unhealthy substances and meals by restricting the diet. The salmon included in the product’s recipe provides high-quality protein. You may also love the proper digestion that the natural fiber promotes.

The packaging incorporates helpful minerals and vitamins; the result is that your dog grows strong and healthy muscles while remaining active and comfortable, thanks to the enhanced metabolism. This product is grain-free and comes in a one-to-26-pound bag.


  • Limited ingredient diet
  • Natural fiber for healthy digestion
  • Grain-free


  • Some parents reported a formula change
  • Some dogs did not like the smell and taste

5. Taste of the Wild

If you are looking for a dog food that your furry friend is most likely to enjoy, this could be a good consideration. Besides the health benefits that your dog could reap from its organic elements, this product has been formulated to deliver a great taste that your dog may love.

Salmon adds to the food’s taste and provides high-quality protein, which helps dogs with hypothyroidism. You may love that the salmon contains sufficient proteins and amino acids, both, which promote healthy growth and development of strong and lean muscles.

The real meat recipe is also a great way to boost the food’s taste while providing a healthy protein source. If you are wary of artificial additives, flavors, colors, preservatives, or grains, you may love that this product contains none; it incorporates natural ingredients.

The included fiber helps digestion. Your furry friend may not face challenges with their meals, thanks to the high fiber’s ability to keep the G.I. tract clear. This product has been made and packaged in the U.S.A.; you may find it safe for all dog ages and breeds.


  • Salmon recipe
  • Amino acids included
  • No artificial additives, flavors, and colors


  • A parent reported a packaging problem
  • Some dogs could not eat it

6. Nutro Natural 

It is an award-winning, veterinary-approved dry dog food. Its main and subordinate ingredients are free of artificial food additives. Hence this makes it the most preferred dry food for dogs with hypothyroidism. It is also highly recommended for aging adult dogs.

Nutro’s dog food has been in the market for quite a while. Their continuous effort to cultivate their brand’s reliability has built trust within their clientele. Their continued consistency in maintaining the quality and quantity of their product has contributed significantly to their success. 

Their brand incorporates several ingredients of high nutritional value. The primary ingredient used is farm-raised chicken. Other equally essential but subordinate ingredients include sweet potatoes and lentils. These are beneficial in the dog’s growth and development process in a variety of ways.

Its uniquely made formula infuses the necessary and required amounts of nutrients in the form of starch, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are purely organic. It is a dry dog food hence a very economical and suitable choice for those whose budgets are not flexible. 


  • It is manufactured dry to increase its shelf life.
  • Its ingredients may boost the dog’s immunity overtime.
  • It only consists of organic ingredients.


  • It is unsuitable for puppies.

7. Wellness Simple

This is another worthy addition to the diet of a dog ailing from hypothyroidism. The brand has a good rating and has been in the pet food industry for a considerable time. The brand packages its dog food in twenty-four-pound bags.

Wellness model 89308 is grain-free, and this is its characteristic feature, and its meaning is as implied; hence it lacks any form of grain, gluten, or non-gluten. Another key feature is that it is manufactured dry. This feature prolongs its storage life.

Its primary ingredients are salmon and potatoes. Salmon gives the dry dog food its meaty taste and flavor, whereas potatoes get thrown in to neutralize the protein levels. Therefore these two ingredients bring forth a healthy nutritional balance.  

Salmon is a white meat that is commonly known to have high levels of omega-3. Potatoes provide a nutrient known as starch, a type of carbohydrate.

Omega-3 helps to boost your dog’s immunity to ward off other illnesses. Carbohydrates primarily give off energy to facilitate the proper functioning of your dog’s complex internal body processes.


  • It is highly nutritious and balanced.
  • Its dry nature makes it an economical purchase.
  • This brand is veterinary-approved dry dog food.


  • It has limited ingredients.

8. Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch

This is a dry dog food that is nutritionally well-equipped in combating hypothyroidism in your little buddies. It comes packaged in a twenty-eight-pound bisphenol-A-free bag. The storage bag is also specially made to allow resealing after use.

Earthborn Holistic’s model 71492 is grain-free. This automatically makes it gluten-free as it lacks both gluten and non-gluten grains. Its gluten-free nature is a critical aspect that often gets considered when it comes to dog hypothyroidism management.

It consists of several ingredients that provide a variety of nutrients with differing levels of calories. Some of the ingredients used in its production include salmon, vegetables, herrings, and fruits.

All of the ingredients mentioned provide vitamins to the diet. Salmon and herrings are incredibly rich in omega content. The protein-based nutrient, omega 3, and vitamins work concurrently to boost your dog’s immunity.

Another health benefit obtained from this dry dog food’s prolonged consumption manifests itself on your dog’s skin. Its skin will be soft and healthy, with very minimal shedding from its fur coat.


  • It is beneficial to your dog’s internal and external health.
  • It is both grain-free and gluten-free.
  • Its packaging is free of the harmful synthetic compound- B.P.A.


  • It is carbohydrate deficient.

9. Zignature Trout and Salmon 

It is an equally good dry dog food and may be suitable for dogs of all ages. The brand has slowly built trust with its consumers over the years, and this has significantly affected its sales positively.

The brand has manufactured it dry for convenient storage and consequentially a prolonged storage life. Hence, this makes it an economical purchase. The dry dog food is free of several typical dog allergens. A few of these allergens include grains and gluten.

This Zignature model’s primary ingredients are trout and salmon. The two give the brand its fishy taste that your dogs will love. Aside from good taste, the two are well-known kinds of seafood that are particularly rich in protein-based nutrients, such as omega 3.

The omega 3 in trout and salmon possesses antioxidant properties that have many health benefits, including strengthening your dog’s immunity. Antioxidants will primarily ensure your dog is well-armored whenever pathogens strike. 

Trout and salmon also have a good calorie count. The two provide essential vitamins and minerals necessary for proper bone growth and development in your puppies.


  • It is suitable for susceptive dogs.
  • It has high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It is dry and gluten-free.


  • It is not suitable for senior dogs.

10. Victor Yukon River Canine

Last but not least, we have Victor’s model 2510. It is a dry dog food that is good incorporation into the meal plan of dogs living with hypothyroidism. 

Another of its most beneficial features is that it is accommodative as it is fit for consumption by dogs of all ages. It has a nutritional value to add in every stage and is of great health significance across the board.

It is grain-free, and this makes it suitable for consumption by both grain and gluten-sensitive dogs. All of its ingredients get naturally obtained. The brand focuses on producing a healthy and wholesome meal for already ailing dogs by excluding non-organic ingredients from its unique formula.

The main ingredients in its formulation are fish proteins such as salmon, rich in omega 3. Omega 3 is highly nutritious with vitamins that will improve your dog’s immunity, heart health as well as its skin.

Subordinate ingredients of this dry dog food have carbohydrates that mainly provide your dog’s body with sufficient energy for its bodily functions. Therefore, the brand is nutritionally balanced.


  • It has high levels of animal protein.
  • It consists of organic ingredients.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • Some dogs may find its strong fishy flavor undesirable.

Buying Guide

A dog with hypothyroidism would do well with an excellent choice of dog foods. There are many options in the market; we have only looked at our selection of the best you can go for. You can choose from our list what you feel suits your dog best, or you can get a vet’s recommendation.

Before buying these foods, you may want to consider a few things. Your furry friend could do so much better if you purchase foods that will react well with their bodies. Like humans, dogs can have sensitive stomachs and intolerant to certain foods or diets; ensure that you do not worsen your dog’s condition.


When looking through your options, you will realize that every dog food contains different ingredients. Each brand has an idea about what could work best for your furry friend. However, you, too, need to determine whether the ingredients will serve well or cause more problems.

High-quality ingredients are every dog parent’s preference. If you cannot trust what the food contains or is made up of, it would be a good idea to avoid it. Therefore, go for natural ingredients; they are healthy and contain high nutritional value. Avoid foods with artificial preservatives, additives, colors, or flavors.


Have you noticed that your dog is more receptive to certain foods than others? It would be a helpful observation, especially for dogs with hypothyroidism. While you are free to try various foods with minerals and nutritional value, you may want to consider steering clear of grains.

Therefore, opt for grain-free dog foods. Most dogs do not respond well to grains; some have sensitive stomachs and can, in turn, be affected by their grain ingestion. Moreover, grain foods cause hormonal imbalance in dogs, which is not a good state for hypothyroidism.


Proteins are healthy and nutritious. Every parent can consider purchasing protein-rich foods for a dog with hypothyroidism. However, protein sources are essential. Animal proteins are a good consideration over plant proteins. Remember that some grains are protein sources, yet they may not be the best choice for your furry friend.

When looking through your options, you can consider animal-proteins from sources such as meat, fish, and even poultry. They boost the food’s taste while enhancing your pet’s health. If your dog needs to cut weight, other considerations could be turkey or chicken.


Your dog’s digestion is a critical aspect to think about when looking for suitable foods. If your furry friend faces complications with their digestion, it would be best to change their diet to something easier on their tummies. Various ingredients may not promote easy digestion.

Nonetheless, animal-based ingredients are a good consideration. As we mentioned with proteins, you have various options to choose. You can also try probiotic and prebiotic fiber. In our reviews, you may have noticed that fiber promotes easier digestion and is thus a healthy ingredient in dog food.


While age may not always seem like a crucial factor to think about, consider that some products are best suited for senior or older dogs; this may not mean that puppies would not benefit from them. However, it is a good idea to check if the food is safe and healthy for all dog ages or specific to a particular age group.

These are not all the considerations you can make before purchasing dog food for hypothyroidism. However, the information we have looked into can help you make the best choice of food. Happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Hypothyroidism is not the end of your dog’s development. Your furry friend can get well with the best care; that may include ideal nutrition and medication. When considering nutrition, dog foods suitable for hypothyroidism can come to mind. What should you get your dog?

We have looked at some of the various top options in the market. Each product has something unique to offer. Choosing the best dog food may take more than just the market ranking or popularity of a particular brand among dog parents. You may have to take some factors into account.

We have discussed some considerations that you could make before purchasing dog food for hypothyroidism. From our list of top products, I would like to recommend that you buy Rachel Ray Nutrish. The product’s top ingredient is U.S. farm-raised chicken. You may also love its poultry and wheat gluten-free composition; the product comes packed with healthy vitamins and minerals.

Buy Rachel Ray Nutrish today!

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