What are the Top Do Not Touch Dog Harness and Patch Options?

Dogs are usually friendly, but sometimes this is not the case. You may approach a cute-looking dog and end up facing an angry dog. There are many reasons why dogs are aggressive; they may have a traumatized past, they may be anxious, or their general disposition is just aggressive, like in the case of Rottweiler or a German shepherd. 

Sometimes, the dog might not be aggressive, but they are easily distracted while working, for example, service dogs or emotional support dogs. Dog vests are an excellent way to prevent random people from petting your dog. They pass on the message to strangers without you having to verbalize anything.

Patches placed on dog vests with visible messages are affordable, and they are easy to maintain. There are so many of these products available in the market, but we narrowed them to ten for your inspection and selection. Are you curious? Let us explore below:

1. Industrial Puppy Do Not Pet Patch

The Industrial Puppy Do Not Pet Patch consists of two colors; the background is black while the letters “DO NOT PET” is in bold silver color. The font used is in caps, and the letters are clearly seen from a distance, even at night, when visibility is low. 

These patches created from polyester are durable and do not fade. You can clean them easily by just wiping them. The polyester in use is weatherproof; thus, it will last even for dogs who spend the majority of the day outdoors.

You can attach these patches on the harness, vest, leash, or collar because of their hook and loop backs. These patches are easily interchangeable, which saves you money spent on new vests or collars.


  • Clear, distinct lettering.
  • Made of strong weatherproof fabric.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Interchangeable.


  • Lettering will fade eventually.
  • May be too large for small dog vests.

2. Doggy Stylz DO NOT PET Dog Vest Harness

Second, we have the Doggy Stylz DO NOT PET Dog Vest Harness with different girth sizes to choose from. This harness comes in a comfortable design available in three colors; purple, red, and black. The harness comes accompanied by two removable patches. 

These patches are reflective; hence people can see them at night. You can interchange the patches by attaching or detaching them from the Velcro. The harness also possesses adjustable straps tweaked by the user to fit the dog properly.

The harness’s underside is of neoprene fabric to reinforce the nylon top. All the double stitches on the harness permit the seams to remain strong and refrain from tearing. This item comes with an easily accessible buckle to secure the harness and a stainless steel D-ring to attach your leash.


  • Available in different colors.
  • Comes with removable reflective patches.
  • Features adjustable straps.
  • Easy to use.


  • A bit stiff.
  • Lettering wears off.

3. Canine Friendly Bark Notes Patch

Another fantastic product is the Canine Friendly Bark Notes Patch, made from resilient neoprene. The messages printed on these patches are bold and easy to read with nice contrasting colors. These patches are suitable for the day because the lettering is not reflective.

The patches’ lettering is not large; hence, you may need several patches to make the message noticeable, especially in busy areas. These patches are available in 1″ and 3/4″ sizes; hence select according to the collar that corresponds with your dog’s size.

They are easy to fit over a leash, and they are flexible, waterproof, and durable. You can use them for a while without the need or purchasing others. The brand also has other messages that you can select from in case you have many dogs.


  • Flexible and durable.
  • Looks good.
  • Bold, readable letters.
  • Available in two sizes.


  • Too small for big dogs.
  • Only printed on one side.

4. Dexil Limited DO NOT PET Red Color Dog Leash

If you need a bold-colored leash, the Dexil Limited DO NOT PET Dog Leash is the one you need. This red-colored leash features bright white lettering that is easily legible from far. The leash has double layers for durability, and it has a padded handle that keeps your hand comfortable even when the dog is pulling you ahead.

The color-coded leash created out of strong nylon material that maintains its appearance even after a few washes. You will be pleased to know that the words are embroidered all through the leash; therefore, it is hard for people to miss the message. The leash is available in three sizes, namely, 24inch, 48inch, and 72inch.


  • Words are embroidered all through the leash.
  • Features a padded handle for comfort.
  • A heavy-duty leash that is thick.
  • Gives good value for money.


  • It is not reflective.
  • May be pricey for some.

5. FunDog DO NOT PET ME; I Need Space Dog Bandana

The FunDog DO NOT PET ME; I Need Space Dog Bandana is a brightly yellow-colored item that is easy to spot from far away. This bandana is available in two sizes, one intended for the smaller dogs and the big dogs. Make sure to buy the appropriate size, especially if you have medium-large dogs.

The USA-made bandana is not only cute, but it is affordable too. Once you buy it, tie it to your dog’s neck and go about your business. This bandana is easy to keep clean because it is machine washable. Put it on a delicate cycle in the washer and wait for it to get clean. Alternatively, you can just hand wash it in cold water.


  • The bright color is hard to miss.
  • Machine and hand washable.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Easy to use.


  • The material is light.
  • Hem might unravel.

6. Doggie Stylz Do Not Pet Dog Harness

Next, we have the Doggie Stylz Do Not Pet Dog Harness that comes in three colors and different sizes to select from. This durable harness has two reflective patches convenient for night activities, but you can remove them if you don’t need them.

Additionally, the harness possesses saddle bags to carry various items; however, these, too, are removable if they are not needed. People can see the message from far because the reflective words are contrasting the black background.

This harness is durable because it has a neoprene underside and a breathable nylon topside. It is easy to fit over the dog, and it doesn’t require much to keep it clean. This harness is adjustable, but to be sure, measure your dog’s girth for the right measurements.


  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit.
  • Available in different colors.
  • The patches are reflective.
  • Comes with removable saddle bags.


  • Letters fade with time.
  • Saddle bags are a bit clunky.

7. Leash Boss Do Not Pet Vest Patches

Are you tired of dealing with fading letters? Why not try the Leash Boss Do Not Pet Vest Patches? These patches feature embroidered words, so there is no chance of fading. These patches have a black background contrasted by the bold white letters for better visibility. The letters are not reflective at night, but for daytime use, they will do.

You can attach these patches to the harness or dog jacket using the hook and loop method provided. This product is suitable for those looking for patches that they can sew into their dog’s wardrobe.

There are three sizes of these patches available hence select the ones that fit your dog’s size. With each pack, you get two patches that give good value for money because you can repeatedly use them.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Features embroidered lettering.
  • Easy to attach to a harness or dog jacket.
  • Affordable.


  • Stitches may unravel.
  • Lettering is not reflective.

8. Dexil Limited DO NOT PET Red Color Coded Dog Collar

The Dexil Limited DO NOT PET Dog Collar is a good alternative for those whose dogs dislike harnesses and dog jackets. This dog color made of neoprene is resilient to wear and tear; furthermore, it contains padding to make sure the dog is comfortable. The collar has an attractive red color that is hard to miss as the lettering embroidered on it is white and bold.

This high-quality collar has a plastic buckle to secure it around the dog’s neck. Some may prefer a metal buckle but the plastic buckle fitted is good for the job. The brand has other color-coded collars that you can select from at an equally affordable price.


  • High-quality collar that is thick.
  • Comes with embroidered lettering.
  • Vibrant color.
  • Collar has padding for comfort.


  • It may not fit large dogs properly.
  • Not suitable for night use as the lettering is non-reflective.

9. Doggie Stylz Nylon Strap Dog Harness

According to their size chart, the Doggie Stylz Nylon Strap Dog Harness caters to both small and large dogs with ease. The adjustable harness comes in black with reflective patches on the side that are removable when needed. A handle is fitted on top of the harness to help the owner control the dog’s movements.

You will also find a stainless steel D-ring that you can attach a leash. The D-ring’s security is with double stitches; thus, it won’t rip easily. This harness is easy to fit thanks to the durable 2-inch buckle reinforced with double stitches.

The lettering contrasted by the black background makes it clear to see. The patches are removable for cleaning or interchanging with other message patches.


  • Made from hard-wearing nylon.
  • Comes with removable reflective patches.
  • Provides an additional handle for better control.
  • Easy to keep clean.


  • No color options.
  • Lettering wears out after some time.

10. SGODA Dog Harness Patch

Lastly, we have the SGODA Dog Harness Patches that are affordable, and their bold lettering makes it easy to notice them, whether day or night. The patches attach to the harness or dog vest through hooks and loops to provide a secure hold. These patches come in black with white lettering for better visibility.

The easy to clean patches are easily removable when you don’t need them, unlike those that require stitching. The patches are affordable and durable because they consist of weatherproof polyester. Be sure to check if the size will fit your dog as the brand does not provide various sizes to work with.

You can purchase other patches from this brand with different messages for your working/service dogs. 


  • Lettering glows in the dark.
  • Created from weatherproof polyester.
  • Easy to clean by just wiping.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Not suitable for small dogs.
  • Lettering wears off.

Buying Guide

We know that you are excited to shop, but before you go ahead and select Do Not Pet Dog vests or collars/patches, it is essential to think about the features you need from the product. Are you looking to purchase a harness or just patches that you can fit on your dog’s favorite vest? By asking such questions, you can derive vital information to help narrow down the search. Without further ado, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Clear Message 

While some patches or vests have clear lettering, their bright colors and designs might still draw people to your dog. Ensure that the patches you select convey the right message from a distance so that they don’t have to approach the dog. For service dogs and emotional support dogs, this is crucial in preventing unnecessary distractions from people. 

  • Lettering

There is no point in spending money to buy these products if people will continually walk up to pet the dog. Instead of relying on small letters, select patches or collars with sizeable bold lettering that people can spot from far. Bold and easy to read lettering indicates a clear message to strangers so that they don’t have to come close to read it.

Remember that most printed lettering fades, although slowly. The embroidered lettering is preferable because it does not fade; however, it is not reflective at night. If your dog is usually out at night, reflective lettering is crucial in preventing accidents.

  • Budget

The quality of the product you get strongly correlates with your price pint. If you are only looking for temporary patches or harnesses, there is no point in overspending. Those seeking long-lasting patches/harnesses will invest more because the material’s quality has to be good. Weight your budgetary options and select the product that suites that price range.

  • Ease of use

When purchasing a harness, look for a model with adjustable straps. These adjustable straps are convenient while dealing with puppies because they are not fully-grown. The straps also permit the dog some breathing room in the case of weight gain.

Another thing to put to mind is that the harness/patches/collar should be easy to clean. Most printed patches require a wipe with a wet cloth; however, embroidered patches need to be machine or manually washed. Embroidered patches are durable after several washes, unlike printed lettering that fades with every wipe.


Dogs are as sensitive as humans when it comes to their environment. If you feel that your dog gets anxious or afraid of petting, these patches/collars/ harnesses will keep unwanted attention at bay. But, do not rely on only these messages to keep your dog from random distractions or anxiety. 

If the issue is psychological, a dog trainer may help you with pointers to keep the anxiety at a manageable level before the aggressive nature progresses. Most people with dogs already have a harness or a leash, so it is easy to integrate products like the Industrial Puppy Do Not Pet Patches. These patches are affordable, and the dog can wear them whether day or night.

The polyester patches easily contend with daily use because the material in use is strong. These patches have distinctive lettering that will fade with time, but you will have gotten good value for money before that happens.

With that said, we have come to the end of our review. We hope you got the product you wanted, whether you were looking for a collar, durable harness, or reflective patches. Try the Industrial Puppy Do Not Pet Patches and tell us if they were worth it in the comment section.

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