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New product:

Puppy Paws introduces
Mothers Paw pendants

Mothers Paw pendantsPUPPY Paws Inc., which manufactures paw-shaped necklaces, charms and gifts, is pleased to introduce the creation of the Mother's Paw pendant. Puppy Paws is well-known for its sterling silver and 14k gold paw-shaped jewelry that features birthstone color gemstones and Swarovski crystals, however, many individuals have more than one pet. As a result there have been requests for multiple gemstone combinations for years but costs involved were high.

Last year, Puppy Paws introduced the Memory Paw that has a solid back and space enough to hold a small amount of pet cremains. The Memory Paws were instantly popular and creating so many of them gave the company a wonderful opportunity to see what else it could do with the new solid back paw. That exploration immediately lead them to the Mother's Paw.

The Mother's Paw measures approximately 5/8in X 5/8in x 3/16in (close to the size of a penny in circumference). The Paw can hold up to seven 3mm crystals or more if the size of the crystal is reduced in the center pad area. The crystals are sealed in place with clear resin enamel. Each Mother's Paw is a custom creation that can be completed in a matter of a day or two. There is even some room on the back for some simple engraving which is done at no cost.

The Mother's Paw pendants are available in sterling silver and 14k gold. They retail for $89.00 in sterling silver and $249.00 in 14k white or yellow gold. The retail price includes a simple 18in chain. Sales kits are available to assist the retailer sell these pendants. They include a sample of the paw, a display as well as order forms that can be faxed directly to Puppy Paws.

Puppy Paws a Pittsburgh-based designer of fine jewelry for animal lovers. Puppy Paws produces paw-shaped jewelry that features a simple paw in 14k gold or sterling silver. They are often accented with gemstones or crystals that represent the dog or cat's birth month. For rescue pets the actual birth date is not necessary because Puppy Paws believes that rescue pets are re-born once they go home with their forever family. The month they go home offers them entirely new life, thus a new birth month.

Puppy Paws Mother's Paws are available online at and in select jewelry stores and pet boutiques throughout the United States and Canada.

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