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Canine Partner Endal
opens Sussex centre

Endal enjoyed his swim
Endal completed his official opening of the new centre, then was treated to a swim in the hydrotherapy pool.
CANINE Partner Endal recently opened a new state-of-the-art facility, the Sussex Canine Centre, located in Lewes, East Sussex - and he even tried out the facilities for himself.

A not widely publicised or known fact is that Endal has suffered from osteochondrosis (OCD) in both his front legs since he was a very young puppy, but with the right food, exercise and care he has been able to continue as an assistance dog well into his eleventh year!

His owner Allen Parton said "On a personal note,we were more than delighted to have been asked to open this new centre, which contains a rehabilitation clinic, fitness centre, grooming unit and an indoor agility centre ... everything a dog and owner could ever want to experience all under one roof. The importance of having such state of the art facilities as these is crucial and Endal has only been able to work for as long as he has done through correct health management and exercise. I only wish we had had a facility like this on our own doorstep many years ago - it is just so convenient having everything in one place and experts on hand."

Endal launches the new centre
Endal reaches for the ribbon to launch to new Sussex Canine Centre.
The dedicated rehabilitation clinic combines the use of a uniquely designed canine hydrotherapy pool, underwater treadmill, hot spa, with physiotherapy, massage, homeopathy and other complementary therapies. All dogs are assessed and individual treatment programmes are monitored by the centre's vet nurses and referring veterinary surgeons.

The grooming unit is run by qualified groomers who offer a superb bathing, trimming and clipping service to all breeds of dog and with mobility equipment is also able to groom dogs with disabilities. The grooming unit is both a commercial grooming parlour and a training unit where students are trained in both OCN and City & Guilds grooming courses.

Sussex Canine Centre incorporates a Canine Studies College and offers excellent courses covering dog grooming, canine behaviour, anatomy and physiology, handling skills and first aid. All courses are run by qualified lecturers who are specialists in their field.

Dog training classes are run throughout the day and evening in the indoor training arena that is heated, air conditioned and has specialist flooring for the safety of dogs and clients. Classes include agility, flyball, handling skills, with specialist classes for children, the elderly and disabled dog owners. They also have a dedicated behaviour clinic with a one-way mirror and audio visual equipment so that their qualified behaviourists are able to offer their clients a safe and private area for discussions and support.

They even run The Kilo Club and vet nurse clinics to help dogs with obesity and other health problems or disabilities such as CDRM, Arthritis, HD and those recovery from traffic accidents or similar. They include information on diet, handling and help at home through their home support visits.

Endal enjoyed his visit and the attention he received, but before leaving for home he tried out the hydrotherapy pool for size and temperature. The smile on his face as he was dried off said it all.

For more information contact the Sussex Canine Centre Ltd, Unit 20, Cliffe Industrial Unit, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 6JL. Telephone: 01273 475900. E-mail:

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