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TV crew making film
of partners' year

Viewing the city from a great height
Allen and Endal viewing the city of London from a great height at the Eye.
AS THE filming of the Endal movie (one year in the life of Endal and Allen) now proceeds apace, significant parts of the filming will involve Endal visiting his past milestones. One such moment was when Endal was the first ever dog to Fly on the British Airways London Eye. Now a veteran of countless flights, in London Allen and Endal recreated the first flight with the film crew in tow.

Allen said "it was just amazing to witness how famous Endal has become and his presence at the Eye caused quite a stir, not only with the British public but with so many of the overseas visitors too who have seen Endal on television in their home countries. We nearly missed our pod because of the countless requested photoshoots that Endal was asked to appear in".

Gently stroking Endal's ear Allen said, "The British Airways London Eye team has been so very supportive of this partnership over the years and they really couldn't do enough to facilitate the filming. The whole day went like clockwork because of everyone's help and kindness. Throughout, Endal was just so relaxed and having an absolute ball. I swear he is having his second puppyhood at the moment because he was so fascinated by the views and immensely excited at seeing birds flying below him for a change. The filming required the infamous duo to take two flights around the Eye during which Allen and Endal were interviewed about their nine-year partnership.

"Some times I have just have to pinch myself to prove this is all not a dream" said Allen. "I never know from one moment to the next where Endal will take me, being on top of the world on the London Eye has to be one of those all-time classic moments."

This visit was equally significant because Canine Partners launched its new logo and colours four years ago at the London Eye in a blaze of media interest.

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