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ROLDA reports on
Romanian strays

FOR readers that are not familiar with the Galatzi homeless animals problem, it is just this. The most recent statistics show that on the Galatzi streets there are currently living more than 10,000 stray dogs and a few thousand homeless cats.

More than half of these animals are sterilized. Approximately 1000 dogs are crowded into a 'prison' - the local city pound - in misery, without medical assistance or food, and in two different local pounds.

In one pound there are about 600 dogs. Green (mouldy) bread is offered to them as food, and that is when they are lucky.

Since the two pounds are overpopulated, ROLDA is the dogs' only helper. We try hard to provide both medical supplies, permanent medical assistance and dry dog food ... while local authorities continue to ignore the problem that they have created. Romania is a very corrupt country and this complicates terribly the situation faced daily and the fight ROLDA carries on for the dogs.

One ROLDA representative said "Last autumn we started to make changes at one of the two pounds. In order to assure a cleaner place for the poor dogs' daily life, we painted the kennels and disinfected them all, built an additional block of three wood kennels and insulated them against rain. We added a run, where each two-three kennels' dogs can run and play free at least for a few hours a day, and we added tarpaulins donated by our supporters to the front walls and around the fenced area to protect dogs from the snow storms and crazy winter wind. Following those ideas, we tried to improve the Hell in which the poor dogs lived ... and the results are very encouraging, thanks to all our supporters that sustained us!"

However, the situation is still very bad. There are not enough resources to assure biscuits and supplements for pound dogs, and general medicines such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, vaccines and worm tablets are desperately needed for 2005. If anyone can help, please contact ROLDA.

ROLDA has several ambitious projects for 2005:
-Building a new block of kennels (the third).
-Starting a new ROLDA Prolife Shelter.
-Taking the first steps to open a modern Adoption Centre for the town of Galatzi.
-Continuation of our Education programme, targeting all groups and ages.

The ProLife Shelter project, building the third block of 10 kennels, is to be an ambitious one - the building will be insulated, with electricity and heating. It will be a place where seriously injured animals are treated and when they are 100percent healed, ROLDA will be looking very carefully to find adoptive families for them so that they are not returned to the streets.

The animals in ROLDA's care are from the pounds, from the streets, or dogs abandoned at vet clinics. They are cared for as long as they need treatment and medical assistance, or permanently if they have handicaps.

If you would like to sponsor a ROLDA kennel please contact the organisation at the website or phone-fax number below:

The organisation also runs a very successful International Volunteers Programme. ROLDA invites you to spend an unforgettable holiday at the shelter's facility, around the furry friends, all who have special needs and all looking to be loved and cared for by humans. We offer all animal lovers interested free accommodation for as long as they would like to volunteer, at ROLDA facility (two small bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, all indoor facilities, including dial-up internet).

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